Tamron Hall Rocked A Trapeze Dress, And Her Killer Legs Are Impressively Toned

Tamron Hall Rocked A Trapeze Dress, And Her Killer Legs Are Impressively Toned

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  • Tamron Hall is living her best life. After all, her talk show has been wildly successful and even won an Emmy!

  • Recently, the 52-year-old TV personality was spotted sporting a fab trapeze dress just outside her studio. And damn, those legs are insanely fierce.

  • So how does she stay in such amazeballs shape? Well, Tamron is the queen of at-home workouts. She told Harper's Bazaar last year that she has a Tonal and Lululemon Studio, and even completed a two-week ab challenge.

Tamron Hall has been completely crushing it with her talk show. She’s won a ton of awards (including an Emmy!) and delivered a bunch of really interesting interviews. But she also knows the power of great fashion. Cue Tamron, working the coolest minidress outside her studio yesterday.

The 52-year-old TV personality was spotted in a fab trapeze dress that put her seriously sculpted legs on full display. Tamron accessorized the look with strappy heels and strong arms for a look that makes it clear she’s not slacking on fitness lately.

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So, what's her fitness secret? Well, Tamron is busy—it’s hard overseeing an Emmy Award-winning show, you guys! Beyond all that, she’s even written a thriller—with a second one on the way. But this busy mom still finds time to put in the work, like a true badass.

For starters, she’s not afraid to get physical on her show. Tamron has done things like crushed double Dutch and boxed with Creed 3 star Jonathan Majors on camera. Evidence:

And then, of course, there was that time she skated with Usher:

When she's not getting a workout in at the studio, Tamron is big on home fitness. “I have a Tonal and Lululemon Studio—formerly MIRROR—and I just completed Lululemon's two-week abs challenge with Garren and Ash,” she told Harper’s Bazaar last year.

But Tamron is all about working her mind, too. “I happen to practice transcendental meditation, so I try to meditate two times per day,” she said. “For me, having that beat before I launch into my day and just opening up my mind helps me balance life and work.”

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By the way, Tamron is an early riser. She told New York magazine that she gets up at 5 a.m., something she’s done for most of her career. “People ask me how I get through the day — I am a master of the 40-minute nap,” she said. “It’s a true refresher. So my bed and bedroom are my sanctuary.”

Food-wise, Tamron told New York that she cooks at home four nights a week. “I use the steamer a lot,” she said. “I steamed broccoli for broccoli and cheese the other day… I’ve been leaning into a lot of soups. I’ve been freezing them to take for lunch. Having lunch is a luxury, especially something that’s tasty.”

Keep crushing it out there, Tamron!

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