Tamron Hall | Fridge Tours

Tamron Hall | Fridge Tours

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TAMRON HALL: I guess I didn't realize, until now, how many condiments. How many mustard's does one family need? Hey, Women's Health. It's Tamron Hall, and here's a sneak peek inside my fridge.

My refrigerator and my family's refrigerator is dominated very much by the fact that I have a toddler, so it's really about on the go meals. Also, smoothies or things are big in our home. He loves yogurt, and I make a lot of yogurt based smoothies for Moses, as well as myself, which is why I have that here.

In our refrigerator, you'll find avocados, raspberries, blueberries. A big berry family around here. I layer his smoothies and mine with kale, and different greens, carrots, all of that stuff. We also have really become big fans of immunity booster drinks, these little shots you can grab.

I'm not a fan. I say, we. I mean, my family. They're a little spicy for me. Ricotta cheese, sour cream. I love cooking original recipes when I can. But honestly, because I have a toddler, and we have the show, I use a lot of backup meals. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, I'm a big fan of both of those, because they do make it a lot easier.

I like on the go, grab and go things, like eggs. So you will never see my refrigerator without eggs inside. Almond milk, whole milk, oat milk, half and have, heavy cream. Dairy is king and queen around here. Orange juice for the mimosas. Pancake mix for pancakes all inside the fridge.

And since I do love on the weekends trying to do original recipes, I love condiments. This one, Whataburger from my home state of Texas. If you've never tried a Whataburger, you're not living. But if you can't get to the Whataburger, just get them to send you some ketchup or mustard. They sell it online.

Kewpie mayonnaise, I just discovered this. Obsessed with this mayonnaise, and Shelby's fish sauce, soy sauce, horseradish, capers. You name it, I've got the condiment. I'm a big fan of maple syrup. Shout out for the weekends.

We also have these meals for my son. I discovered them about a year ago. They are organic, on the go meals when I don't have the energy or the time to make a homemade meal for him. So this is a pot roast. He loves it.

The line is called Nurture Life. It's for toddlers, kids that's learning to eat solid foods. I'm obsessed with it. They have breakfast. They have dinners. They have cold sandwiches that you can take with you.

He loves yogurt. I use these and layer them with fresh greens and fresh berries to give it a extra little bit of nutrition. We're learning texture around here, so these aren't for him to eat. I'm eating them, but Jello, as we explore new foods, this has become a toy that their mama gets to eat afterwards.

This is our refrigerator. I'm looking around to see what else we have. These on the go smoothie, juicing drinks are really big. I'm not loyal to one particular brand. I try to keep it low on sugar, but when I don't feel like blending and making a smoothie, which I really should find time to do more of.

Salads for that much on the go when I grab and go. I don't have time to cook every night. I like to grab and go. So my refrigerator is, I think, the ultimate grab and go, family refrigerator.