This blind makeup artist is inspiring others to chase their dreams

"Beating the Odds" profiles people who despite their physical and health challenges, have pushed on to pursue their dreams and accomplish some incredible things. 

Talya Reynolds was born with two degenerative eye conditions, strabismus and coloboma, that have left her legally blind. But she didn't let her severe visual impairment slow her down.

"I want to embrace the fact that, this is how I was born and this is how it's gonna be," she told In The Know. "And I want to show other people that it's OK to be who you are."

That doesn't mean she didn't have setbacks. Reynolds says she was bullied often in school — cruelly mocked by others because she looked "different."

But now she's devoted her talents to helping others look like the best versions of themselves. Reynolds has become a professional makeup artist and she uses her popular following on social media to stop bullying and spread awareness about self-love.

"What inspires me about Talya is that she's brave," Kiana Shady, Reynolds' friend, told In The Know. "She's extremely confident and she's been through trials and tribulations in her life that I wouldn't even imagine going through."

Those struggles are all part of Reynolds' journey. Through her activism and her work, she wants to help people embrace themselves, flaws and all.

"You might see someone and think they have it all together," she told In The Know. "But deep down everybody wears a mask. I finally took my mask off and let them see who Talya Reynolds is."

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