Tallulah Willis Slams Criticism of Her Family Posting About Bruce Willis' Dementia

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Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis won't accept any hate against her family in the midst of her father Bruce Willis' ongoing health battle.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, the 29-year-old daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore took to social media to shut down hateful comments criticizing her family for sharing photos and talking publicly about the Die Hard actor's battle with frontotemporal dementia.

The post featured a screenshot of a photo featuring Tallulah and her dad that she previously shared online. The woman making the video shared her opinion on the pic, calling it "terrible" that Tallulah and her family would share details and photos about their dad's private health condition.

"Can you do me a favor," the woman started her spiel. "If I ever get dementia, please don't take pictures of me and post it on the internet telling everyone how I'm getting worse and I'm toothless and they don't even know how to talk anymore. especially if I'm a famous celebrity."

"Please don't do this to me," she reiterated. "This is terrible!"

It's not clear what statements the woman was referring to, but Tallulah's family previously shared videos from Bruce's birthday celebration last year, and many people noticed he was missing some teeth.

Tallulah, who understandably took offense to the critical video, reposted it to Instagram on Saturday, writing in her post, "Is she f--king kidding...."

"we love when people try to utilize my dads disease for some relevancy, so cute keep doing u bb, trust me it's such a good look," she sarcastically added.

In her caption, Tallulah further expressed her feelings, writing, "I hate that im giving this person more reach, but with the pain and everything else my family and I are all already facing, this just feels f--king foul and unacceptable."

"I'm honestly a bit speechless right now," she added.

Thankfully, Tallulah's followers were quick to offer her and the rest of her family some support, including one comment that read, "Your feelings are valid. Sending much love ❤️."

"It is absolutely foul. I'm so sorry 😢" someone agreed with her, while another person wondered, "Does she not want you to post a photo with your father ???? Like what."

"We each process in our own way and this is yours. ❤️❤️," another user assured her.

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