'Talking' Dog Tells New Baby Brother Her Name in the Cutest Way

It's no secret that bringing a new baby home to meet your fur baby can be a little nerve-wracking. You're not sure how your pet may respond to the baby, but in the end, they usually end up becoming BFFs. @Sapphie the Pomsky's mom and dad recently had a baby, and Sapphie loves her little brother! In this video, dad is asking Sapphie to tell her brother her name...and believe it or not, she does!

The video was shared at the beginning of December 2023. Dad asks Sapphie what she wants to say to her baby brother. Tail wagging, she's excited to tell him a couple of things, including her name. The way she does it is just genius!

Talk about a smart dog! @Sapphie uses color-coded buttons to help her communicate with her humans. She's learned what each of them means and presses them when she has something to say. In this instance, Sapphie wanted to say hi to her little brother, and then she told him her name. She was so excited! These two are sure to become BFFs, if they aren't already.

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Commenters also enjoyed Sapphie introducing herself to her brother. Of course most people just said how cute and smart Sapphie is, but @Shaan was impressed and said, "I lowkey want to know how they trained the dog to converse better than most people!" @TC hopes, "Brother’s first word will be Sapphie LOL! Maybe?" @Francis Murphy swooned, "So beautiful that baby gets to grow up with doggy!" Another commenter was so shocked with Sapphie's communication that they demanded, "Videos of how you did this RIGHT NOW!!"

Different Ways that Dogs Communicate with Humans

Sapphie using the buttons to chat is pretty incredible! I'm sure it took a lot of time training her to get to the point where she could choose the right buttons and words on her own. Sometimes it might seem like your dog is trying to use words to communicate, and that just might be true...dogs can actually learn to imitate human sounds and words just like we try to imitate a dog's bark.

Most dogs can't use words but do have other ways of communicating. The most obvious way they do this is by barking to communicate how they're feeling (scared, tired, bored, in protective mode...if you have a dog you know what their different barks mean).

Another way dogs communicate is while they're sleeping. Their sleeping positions can tell you if they're comfortable, relaxed, and many other things. Just like humans, dogs use their body language to convey feelings, too. It's actually pretty amazing just how in tune we can become with our pets!

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