We talked to the titular troll from Nickelodeon's new show The Barbarian And The Troll

Marah Eakin
·1 min read

As they say on RuPaul’s Drag Race, “everybody loves puppets.” They’re often more charming than animation, more expressive than actors, and just all around cuter than almost anything else. All of those affects are put to good use in Nickelodeon’s new series The Barbarian And The Troll, which follows a young troll named Evan as he teams up with a “feared and revered” ex-princess named Brendar. Together the two set off on an epic quest inspired by Brendar’s search for vengeance and Evan’s search for the perfect song. It’s fun, witty, and charming, and can be enjoyed by kids, parents, and—frankly—adults who have absolutely no intention of having kids ever.

At a recent premiere event for the show, we caught up with Evan, as well as the show’s co-creators Mike Mitchell and Drew Massey. In the video above, the three talk the show’s genesis, troll hair tips, and Evan’s musical career.

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