Talents Lineapiù Awards Florentine Brand Verguenza

KNITWEAR CONTEST: The contest Talents Lineapiù, launched by the yarn firm Lineapiù Italia in 2017, aims to support young fashion talents that stand out for their use of yarns and the quality of the knitwear. Through the years the contest’s winners have included brands such as Marco Rambaldi, Vitelli and Chet Lo.

The winner of the ninth edition is Sofia Marsili with Verguenza, her luxury clothing brand that is entirely made in Tuscany. “Verguenza was born from my desire to combine the skills developed in the commercial area with the aspect of creating a collection. I wanted to create a brand that combined careful research of materials and very high quality,” she explained.

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Knitwear is a fundamental element in Verguenza’s limited-edition collections, which uses high-quality raw materials and sustainable processes.

The young Italian designer decided to found the brand after earning two degrees, in business and marketing and an ongoing one in international business development, and nurturing her experience in the commercial and merchandising fields working for brands such as Zara, Gucci and Hermès, among others.

“It is a privilege to be able to receive this award from an important company in the production of yarns such as Lineapiù,” stated Marsili. “This milestone fills me with pride for the path taken and gives me awareness towards the future. Verguenza is a constantly growing luxury company, with strong production know-how and careful marketing of the collections in the best multibrand stores in the sector. Furthermore, receiving this recognition in Florence further highlights the value of the excellence of the Florentine production cluster. It highlights the importance of working with sustainable companies in the area, conscious about the traceability of materials and the quality of the finished garment. The greatest gift is to be able to access the company’s historical archive and consolidate knowledge on the subject, do research and discuss ourselves with industry experts to continuously improve the quality of our product and guarantee our customers the uniqueness of our brand.”

“Talents Lineapiù is a source of great pride for us, an initiative to support knitwear brands that are making their way in a complex world like the fashion one: a project that brings together technique, imagination and know-how. A functional program to help to grow talent and to make their way in an increasingly competitive and difficult market,” explained Alessandro Bastagli, president of Lineapiù Italia. “It is our way of contributing to the development of their creativity, to support their commitment and their research.”

The award comes with the technical sponsorship for four seasons of Lineapiù and Filclass yarns for the creation of the brand’s sample collection and the opportunity to have access to the Lineapiù archive.

Sofia Marsili, founder and designer of Verguenza
Sofia Marsili, founder and designer of Verguenza.

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