Talented Horse Who Paints Abstract Art Shows Off His First Painting of the New Year

There are so many reasons to appreciate art, from its ability to bring people together to its opportunities for self-expression. There's no wrong way to make art, and Couper the horse knows exactly what I'm talking about.

That's right--this horse is an experienced artist, and he brings so much joy with every canvas he paints. He's also a performing trick horse, so he's no stranger to the spotlight or to learning new skills. His owner began filming his art sessions, and he couldn't care less!

In fact, Couper is starting the new year off strong with a fun, multi-toned abstract painting that's almost as pretty as he is. The intuitive animal helps with every step of the process, from picking out the paint colors to holding the brush, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't impressive!

OMG--just look at him go! Couper's first painting of 2024 includes such royal, rich colors, and the finished product almost reminds me of a peacock's colorful, metallic feathers. It makes me wonder what goes through this silly horse's mind when his owner starts laying out the paint bottles on the table! He definitely doesn't choose colors in the strategic way a person would, but he does seem to understand what to do. Clearly, he's done this plenty of times before!

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Viewers can watch each of Couper's painting videos on his TikTok account, @couperthecleverhorse, though this one is my favorite by far. It's just like commenter @gerarddrew100 wrote: "he truly appears to want to cover all the canvas. It's so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing his talent!" I know exactly what you mean. It's so entertaining to watch an animal doing something unique, especially when they enjoy it as much as this beige horse seems to enjoy his art.

Why Teach Animals 'Useless' Skills?

Although Couper has many, many fans on TikTok, there are always a few folks out there who don't quite understand the purpose of fun animal talents. But the truth is that animals are not in our lives simply to work and be 'useful.' Every being has its own needs, wants, and pleasures, and it's just not realistic to expect an animal to work around the clock. Training is essential to the safety of any animal and owner, but fun skills like Couper's painting are purely for fun. After all, isn't having fun what life is all about?

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