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Take it from a pro baker: Bench scrapers belong in every kitchen, and this top-seller is just $8 at Amazon

More than just a dough scraper, this versatile tool is the unsung hero of the kitchen, from cleaning your counter to slicing butter.

Hi, it's me, Yahoo Life's resident pro baker turned shopping writer. Just checking in to make sure your kitchen's stocked with a bench scraper. Wait, it's not? Well, we need to remedy that, stat! I might not make cake for a living anymore, but there are certain tools I used during my time at the bakery that have become permanent fixtures in my home kitchen — and this unassuming metal blade tops the list. I reach for it whenever I chop vegetables, slice butter or clean my counter, among countless other tasks — it's become an extension of my hand at this point. This highly rated Sevnde Pro Dough Pastry Scraper is a popular option, and you can get it at Amazon for just $8.

Love to cook? You'll wonder how you ever prepped a meal without this metal multitasker. 

$8 at Amazon

I know, I know, it doesn't look like much — how many uses could a small, stainless steel rectangle really have? Oh, let me count the ways.

Don't be mislead by the word "pastry" in its name. While this bench scraper — also known as a "bench knife" — certainly comes in handy when lifting and portioning out dough, it's so much more than a baker's tool. For starters, it's my go-to for removing caked-on residue, flour and food scraps from my counter when I'm cleaning up, since the blade is dull enough that it won't leave scratch marks. That said, it's sharp enough to cut through many types of vegetables, and when you're finished chopping, you can slide the scraper under the pieces to easily transport them to your pan. I also prefer it to a knife when it comes to slicing uniform cubes of cheese, thanks to its straight edge.

Want your cakes to look like they were made by a professional? I've used my bench scraper to smooth out frosting for a clean finish. This model even has a handy measuring guide right on it, should you need to cut dough to a certain size. And as far as longevity is concerned, it's rust-resistant to last many years in your kitchen.

hands using the bench scraper to cut vegetables and portion dough
Could you use a hand in the kitchen? A versatile bench scraper is worth the dough. (Amazon)

Think I'm the only one who's obsessed with bench scrapers? Not even close — the Sevnde pastry scraper has garnered perfect ratings from over 26,000 Amazon customers.

"I love this scraper," gushed one happy home cook. "I use it when I chop vegetables. It makes it so easy to move the chopped vegetables to the skillet and not spill them all over the stove or floor. I have arthritis in my hands and am always dropping stuff."

"We love our scraper, it's one item that stays next to the cutting board," shared another satisfied shopper. "We bake a good bit, so it is a good help from scraping up dough from the counter to dividing dough. It slices right through pizza dough. The ruler is handy for planning where to cut the dough for even-sized strips for lattice pie crusts, etc. The stainless steel makes it durable and easy to clean."

"Works great," wrote a final fan. "I especially like that it is all one piece of metal. Only concern would be if the inside of the handle gets dirty, it would be extra work to clean, but I love it." (Psst: This style would eliminate that problem for a buck more, though it has fewer measurement markings.)

This trusty tool just might become your most-reached for kitchen essential. 

$8 at Amazon

And when it comes to grating and zesting, I swear by this Microplane:

I can't tell you how many times I've nicked myself trying to zest citrus using a box grater, but since the Microplane is handheld, I have so much more control. The tiny teeth only remove the flavorful layer of zest rather than bringing the bitter white pith along with it, and it's also ideal for grating cheese, ginger and garlic, or even spices like nutmeg.

Check out my full Microplane review for more!

$17 at Amazon

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