Tahoe Officials Banning Bear Selfies, Rightly So

Please stop taking selfies with adorable wild bears! Why? Those adorable wild bears might just kill you!

Park officials in South Lake Tahoe in California are warning visitors that they should not try to take pictures with their wildlife.

According to CBS SF, the Taylor Creek Visitor Center in South Lake Tahoe says that guests are just getting too close to the bears when they try to take pictures with them.

“We’ve had mobs of people that are actually rushing toward the bears trying to get a ‘selfie’ photo,” Lisa Herron, spokesperson for the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, told the Reno Gazette-Journal. “It is presenting a safety issue. We are afraid someone is going to get attacked.”


(Photo: Instagram)

The visitor center has issued an advisory warning guests to stop trying to take the photos.

“Bears are unpredictable, wild animals and may attack if threatened,” forest Supervisor Nancy Gibson told CBS Sacramento.