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  • Young People Want Work-Life Balance and Older People Just Don’t Get It

    In the 2009 film ‘Up in the Air’, Anna Kendrick plays, Natalie Keener, the anxious, ambitious, and freshly-graduated new hire at the company where George Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, works. (Photo: Paramount Pictures) “I took Tuesday off,” my roommate, a paralegal applying to law school, told me last night, the two of us bleary-eyed from long workdays, slouching in the living room of our Brooklyn apartment. “It’d be nice to work at home when I’m sick, but my boss doesn’t believe in it.” She was doing the work of two paralegals, as the law firm recently decided to downsize their administrative workforce, while getting the salary as one paralegal.

  • 10 Women on Their Female Bosses

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