• Mom Proudly Flaunts ‘Flabby’ Belly: ‘It’s Beautiful’

    "I feel confident, and I want all women to feel the same. Everyone's genetics are different. We cannot all be thin," says Summers VonHesse.

  • Megan Fox: The Beauty Transformer

    Happy birthday, Megan Fox! The Transformers actress turns 31 today. Fox came onto the scene with her role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and has turned heads ever since with her smoldering blue eyes and long, dark hair.

  • Husband Puts Whining Wife Up For Sale On eBay

    After an argument with her husband, Simon O’Kane, 33, the father-of-two decided to sell his ‘Used Wife’ on the bidding site. Simon posted the listing using the title ‘Used Wife’, alongside a picture of Leandra and a tongue-in-cheek description.

  • A Love Letter to My Neurotypical Husband, From Your Autistic Wife

    Related: When I Overheard a Conversation Between My Son With Autism and His Brother When we received my autism diagnosis and I was surprised (but also not at all) and afraid it would change things between us, you smiled and said, “We always knew your mind was something special, sweetheart,” and I relaxed because I knew you meant it in the best possible way. When I clung to your hand on that busy sidewalk and stopped abruptly, anxious, you said, “I’ve got you, sweetheart,” and you moved me gently around to the other side, away from the street, keeping me close, like it was second nature to you and I was an extension of your body. When I was angry at myself because I struggle to understand how to be romantic, affectionate and nurturing — the way other women seem to be — you said, “We don’t have to love each other in the same way, sweetheart.” I cried, overwhelmed by the sweet ache in my chest, and unable to find the words to tell you that the way you love me is exactly right and more than I ever dared dream of.