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  • Cheers! The Best Winery in Every State

    America leads the world in consumption of wine; we drank more than 3.2 million liters of it last year according to the Wine Institute. And while imports are a large part of our consumption, there are almost 8,000 producing wineries in the U.S. They accounted for 350 million gallons of wine production last year, making us the fourth largest wine producing country in the world. We not only love to drink wine, we love visiting its source.

  • Do Kids Really Need Spa Vacations?

    Mini-me mani (Photo: Disney Resort & Spa) As a working mom of three young kids, the idea of spending my vacation at a spa seems like, well, pure Nirvana. But since I’m not wealthy enough to afford Canyon Ranch or Miraval — much less a 24/7 nanny to watch my brood while I’m off getting massaged and pedicured — it’s always seemed like a pipe dream. But now, apparently, I can go to one, with all my children in tow. Increasingly, resorts are offering a menu of spa treatments catered to the kid set —everything from ice-cream-themed manicures to kiddie yoga.

  • 7 Sensational Selfie Spots for Super Bowl Travelers

    Here are the best spots to snap a selfie while in town for the big game. (Photo: BonninStudio/Stocksy)

  • Airbnbs Still Available for Super Bowl 50 Weekend

    With the Super Bowl putting Airbnb homes in high demand, we’ve rounded up some available rentals across the Bay Area.

  • How to Do Barcelona in Three Days

    From Park Güell to La Sagrada Familia cathedral to tapas, here's the perfect three-day weekend in Barcelona.

  • Colorado’s Hot Springs Make for a Steamy Winter Getaway

    Colorado’s hot springs are even better in the cold weather.

  • San Francisco for the Super Bowl: Your Guide to Everything

    Everything you need to know about what to do in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Super Bowl, from the NFL Experience to local events.

  • Girlfriend Getaway: Girls Gone Ojai

    The Ojai Valley (Photo: Ken Lund)

  • It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Spring Break Travel

    Spring break might be two months away, but now is the time to get planning for your vacation. Here’s why.

  • How to Save for Your Dream Vacation in 2016

    Follow these easy saving tips from financial experts to afford your dream vacation this year.

  • This Is Why Québec City Is the Ultimate Winter Destination

    Québec City is beautiful any time of year, but winter is when it truly shines. After a snowfall the city turns into a fairy-tale winter wonderland, and the locals are just as mesmerized as the tourists. 1. The Snow Gets Its Own Festival  Bonhomme waves from Dufferin Terrace in Vieux Québec. The first Carnaval de Québec took place in 1894 as a way to celebrate winter, and was held sporadically (it skipped some years during the World Wars and the economic crisis of 1929) until 1954, At that point, the city made the decision to revitalize the historic neighborhood of Old Québec (Vieux Québec), and in January/February 1955 the ‘new’ Carnaval de Québec was unveiled.

  • The Perfect Weekend Getaway to Mexico City, 2016′s Hot Spot

    James Bond loves it, Formula 1 loves it, and it just got the coveted No. 1 spot on the New York Times’s “52 Places to Go in 2016” list — it’s official: Mexico City is hot right now. With 150 museums (many of them either free or costing just a few dollars) and four UNESCO sites, Mexico City is a historical culture lover’s dream. Becca Hensley, a travel writer whose family is from Mexico City, spent many summers in the Coyoacán neighborhood, near where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived.

  • 10 Foods You Must Have in San Francisco for the Super Bowl

    San Francisco is a city with serious food game. Here's where to eat and drink if you're visiting for the Super Bowl.

  • The 119 Most Underrated Attractions Around the World

    If you’ve already crossed some of the world’s biggest attractions off the bucket list, why not revisit your favorite cities with a new goal: to explore these underrated travel sites?

  • New Orleans Off the Beaten Path: The Stuff That Tourists Always Miss

    Traditional New Orleans French Quarter — an area I spent little time in! (Photo: Sherry Ott) By Sherry Ott / Ott’s World It’s true — I did everything wrong during my 48 hours in New Orleans. I was causing trouble in New Orleans bucking the normal tourist spots and trying to find something different, yet still experience that New Orleans flare and culture. While on a cemetery tour I asked him what I thought to be a straightforward question about why the slaves were treated differently in New Orleans as compared to the rest of the Southern U.S. He quickly and forcefully answered, “New Orleans is not the South. It’s a Caribbean country surrounded by the Southern U.S.” A little voodoo in New Orleans brought from the Caribbean.

  • Top U.S. Mountain Towns to Chill By the Fire This Winter

    People don’t have to love skiing, snowboarding, or any other sport that requires snow to enjoy the winter. Vacationing at a ski lodge, relaxing at a day spa, taking long walks surrounded by snow, or enjoying some fresh air can be an exhilarating experience by itself.

  • Opt Outside: Cool Adventure Trips You Need to Book Now

    By now, you might be hung over from reading lists of what destinations to visit in 2016. But what about the best times to go, or the best ways to actually see them? A  Cuba trip where you only hang out on the Malecon and a Cuba trip where you explore the nation via kayak are two different trips indeed.

  • Museum or Hotel? Properties With Amazing Art Collections

    Hip hoteliers wouldn’t be caught dead adorning their property’s walls with generic mass-produced prints. In fact, some hotels make great artwork the centerpiece of their brand and curating incredible contemporary art has become a focus for many new properties. It’s a thing right now. 

  • Quirky Colorado: A Weekend Getaway Guide to Offbeat Denver

    When I travel, I love going beyond the guidebook and seeking out the quirkier offerings of a destination. And as you’d expect from a mile-high university town where pot is legal, Denver has a lot of quirk to offer.

  • Yahoo Ranks the Top Casinos Beyond Vegas

    Photo by iStock. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.