vladimir putin

  • Putin Says He Doesn't Have 'Bad Days' Because He's Not a Woman

    In The Putin Interviews, Oliver Stone’s four-part series airing on Showtime this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely make a lot of bold statements that we can’t exactly verify. For example, President Donald Trump used an allusion to menstrual cycles in order to deride Megyn Kelly after she moderated a Republican presidential debate last year. The problem is, there is no science that says women have bad days and men do not or that menstrual cycles in anyway make a woman unfit to do her job or live her life.

  • The Hidden Meaning Behind Megyn Kelly’s Vladimir Putin Interview Outfit

    Megyn Kelly’s choice of dress for a meeting on Thursday with two world leaders is stirring up discussion, like some of her previous dress decisions did.

  • That Ivanka Trump-Vladimir Putin Photo Isn't All It Seems

    Wendi Deng Murdoch and Ivanka Trump are friends, but not with Vladimir Putin. In the past few months, political news has become so extreme that many have completely shut off their “fake news” filters and are prepared to believe almost anything. Conspiracy theorists might have to look elsewhere for their smoking gun, because the good fact checkers at Snopes.com have swooped in to reveal the truth.

  • Russian ‘Lady Di’ Perishes in Car Accident

    Diana Lebedeva, a 19-year-old heiress and member of Moscow’s young jet set was killed this week in an auto accident. As reported in the Sun, Lebedeva was driving in Switzerland with a friend, Azer Yagubov, a 23-year-old socialite from Azerbaijan.