vitamin d

  • People Are Taking Too Much Vitamin D: Here's Why That's Bad

    You’ve probably heard at some point that Americans aren’t getting enough vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin that helps promote healthy bones. Unfortunately, new research has found that a significant number of people are taking daily vitamin D supplements above the recommended levels, and some are even taking them at levels that could pose a danger to their health. Vitamin D is important for bone health, but can cause abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood, soft tissue, or blood vessels if taken above the upper limit of 4,000 IU a day.

  • Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked to Better Breast Cancer Survival Rates

    Yes, vitamin D has made the news once again.

  • Can Vitamin D Improve Your Sleep?

    Eating foods rich in vitamin D, and supplementing with D3 is a necessary part of life to maintain adequate D levels.  However, simply taking a ton of vitamin D is not the complete answer in the long run for preventing vitamin D deficiency. The amount of International Units (IU) you take and time of day are important aspects in upgrading the amount and quality of your sleep.