• Mumps is making a comeback — here's what you need to know

    In 2016, the U.S. experienced more than 6,000 cases of the highly contagious viral disease — more mumps cases than the country had seen annually in 10 years.

  • American Horror Story's Chloë Sevigny Has Some Misguided Opinions About Vaccines

    The actress shared some thoughts about vaccines that are way off the mark. In an interview with New York magazine about her performance this season on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, she compares her character’s storyline (involving vampires and viruses) to the contemporary problems plaguing our culture what with fears of vaccines and “the autism.” In her own words: “But viruses and vaccines, that’s such a big thing. Related: Meet the 4 Types of People Who Don’t Vaccinate Here’s the thing – when it comes to vaccines, there actually aren’t many unknowns. It has been widely, scientifically proven that there is no correlation between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Meet the 4 Types of People Who Don’t Vaccinate

    Convenience: This group finds the vaccination process inconvenient in terms of time, affordability, willingness to pay, and proximity to a place that offers vaccinations. This group typically is strongly against vaccination and may be affiliated with the antivaccination movement. Calculation: This group doesn’t have a strong preexisting attitude toward vaccination and extensively researches the pros and cons of the practice.