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  • This Cult-Favorite Brand Just Hit Urban Outfitters

    Since the introduction of Urban Outfitter's Beauty Shop back in 2010, the brand has seriously stepped up its beauty game to new levels. For some, the excitement of going to the hipster standby starts to lose interest after hitting their 20s, but the beauty department has given us reason to stick around way past our post-collegiate days. Urban Outfitters' senior beauty buyer Laura Zaccaria told us the store is always on the hunt for the next big thing, which prompted its expansion into K-beauty and beyond.

  • 18 things you need for the perfect night's sleep

    From your pajamas to your sheets, here are the relaxing products that will help you get to sleep tonight.

  • We Want Everything From Champion's Latest Collaboration

    Thought we've reached peak collaboration? Think again. But this time, two very separate worlds are colliding. Launching today on Urban Outfitters is an exclusive 13-piece offering from Champion, the classic leisurewear brand you've come to know and love, and Harley Viera Newton's line HVN. Considering HVN usually makes dainty, vintage-inspired dresses covered in floral patterns, while Champion, well, usually makes sweatsuits, this certainly wasn't a partnership we were expecting. But we're obsessed.

  • Topshop just got rid of gender-specific changing rooms

    Topshop has made a big move to promote gender equality: Stores will have gender-neutral changing rooms.

  • Urban Outfitters is selling Army surplus clothing for $69: 'That's not cute'

    The clothing brand is selling leftover, recycled, or cast-off clothes from the U.S. Army on its website. It’s pricey and a little confusing.

  • Kipling Teams With Urban Outfitters

    The accessories brand looks to recapture some of its Nineties cachet.

  • LGBTQ People Are Upset With Urban Outfitters and H&M’s Femme Tees

    A woman from England pointed out why femme tees at stores like Urban Outfitters, Mango, TopShop and H&M are problematic.

  • Could Your Best Instagram Pic Land You in Big Legal Trouble?

    Posting your best fashion shots on Instagram is a great way to expand your following if you're a young style blogger, but you could be putting yourself at legal risk if you're not careful.

  • Why Hot Topic Is Still Popular With Millennials

    In the early 2000s, Hot Topic targeted a customer base between the ages of 12 and 22. Despite growing up, buying homes and cars, and being all-around adults, millennials, it seems, have yet to outgrow their teen angst. Cambridge Analytica, a data and software company, identified the most popular retail brands with shoppers, breaking out its findings by moms, dads, and millennials, and what it found is surprising.

  • Did Urban Outfitters Just Make the Most Cropped Crop Top Ever?

    Even though fashion is constantly changing, some things remain the same. Like how you can always count on Urban Outfitters push boundaries…

  • Urban Outfitters Has a Seriously Great Indie Beauty Collection You Need to Try

    Urban Outfitters might call to mind '90s-style chokers, bombers, Coachella fashion, and those tapestries you used to hang on your dorm room wall, but what you might overlook is the absolutely stellar beauty department, which has been broadened during the last few of years to include a mix of recognizable brands (Stila, Dr. Bronner's), minimalist indie favorites (Heribivore, Nudestix) and a thrilling array of Korean skincare and makeup you can't find anywhere else.

  • John Mayer Spots a T-Shirt Knockoff, Instagrams It

    On Thursday, the recording artists published a photo of a familiar T-shirt to his Instagram account with the caption, “You made it @kseremetis! Ripped off with extreme prejudice by urban outfitters.” He was referring to designer American painter, sculptor and filmmaker Kostas Seremetis, and the shirt in question is apparently way too heavily inspired by Seremetis’ unique aesthetic — especially the shirts he designed for Canadian clothing company HAVEN. The Slayer Split Seam Tee, which sells on Urban Outfitter’s website for $35, is described as “DIY-vibe Slayer t-shirt in a split seam construction with mismatched graphics.

  • Urban Outfitters Settles Longstanding Lawsuit with the Navajo Nation

    Retail clothing chain Urban Outfitters has developed a reputation over the years for ripping off other cultures in the name of fashion. The Navajo Nation filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Urban Outfitters back in 2012, and more than four years later, both sides have finally come to a legal agreement.

  • Trans Customer Turned Away From Urban Outfitters Dressing Room

    Urban Outfitters has always presented themselves as an edgy, modern brand, so it’s disappointing that customer Nicholas Gorham had a transphobic experience at one of their Los Angeles stores. Gorham, who identifies as gender fluid, was turned away from the women’s dressing rooms and singled out by an employee. In an effort to raise awareness, Gorham penned an important essay for Mic about the ordeal.

  • The Normal Girl’s Guide to Buying Vintage Denim Online

    At 32, I simply don’t have the patience to rummage around most thrift shops looking for that one pair of perfect-fitting jeans in just the right wash. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to shop for vintage denim online, where shops like Re/Done, Denim Refinery, and even Urban Outfitters offer plenty of old-school styles, sans the musty smell of the vintage store.

  • Being Anti-Trump Is Helping Urban Outfitters, While American Apparel Has Partnered With Him

    Urban Outfitters has struck gold by selling merchandise with the message “IDK Not Trump Tho.” Meanwhile, American Apparel has partnered with Donald Trump himself to produce T-shirts for his campaign.

  • Urban Outfitters Opens Its First Home-Only Showroom

    Urban Outfitters has just opened its first-ever retail showroom specifically for home goods, the UO Home Showroom, in its massive L.A. concept store in Hollywood.

  • Are Women Ready to Give Up Skinny Jeans? We Asked, You Answered.

    It’s clear that Urban Outfitters is ready for the skinny jean to go away for good. We ask 69 denim wearers (and one non denim wearer): Are skinny jeans over?