• Walmart is letting its employees wear jeans — but the dress code change isn't as great as it may seem

    The retail chain announced that some stores would be testing a revised uniform that allows for blue jeans, jeggings, chinos, skorts, and shirts of any solid color.

  • It seems Kim Kardashian has adopted a uniform

    Kim Kardashian has been spotted in gray sweatpants and a white crop top multiple times — including three days in a row. Is this her new uniform?

  • The Pioneer Woman on her cowboy boots and jeans: 'my daily uniform'

    Ree Drummond shares the secrets behind her daily uniform.

  • Restaurant Under Fire for ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Message on Employees’ Uniforms

    A shawarma chain in Detroit is under scrutiny for sexually suggestive employee uniforms: Across the butt of female employees it reads: 'We Deliver.'

  • Cheerleader Arrested for Faking Burglary to Keep Her Uniforms

    A cheerleader faked a burglary so she wouldn’t have to turn in her beloved cheer uniforms.

  • Joanna Gaines Wears a Daily Uniform

    The star of HGTV’s "Fixer Upper" noticed that “gray-blue button-downs and grayish V-necks are clearly my favorite because I don't have to think much about them.”

  • Why a 28-Year-Old Fashion Editor Wears the Same Thing Every Day 

    McCarthy wears a variation on the same outfit every day. Art director Matilda Kahl explained in Harpers Bazaar that she wears the same outfit of a white silk shirt and black trousers to work every day.

  • Father claims school is unfairly punishing daughter, 12, for bow on shoes

    Chris Hale said daughter Chloe is being penalised because of a small bow on the front of her shoes and accused her school of focusing too much on what pupils are wearing and not enough on their education. Mr Hale said parents had received a letter about uniform changes at the end of last term, which stipulated that girls’ shoes must be black with nothing on them. Chris said: “As far as I’m concerned we have bought her plain black shoes, they just have a small bow on the front.

  • Girl Wanted to Wear Pants “Like the Boys,” So Her Mom Got the Dress Code Changed

    A Melbourne, Australia, mother has won the fight for her daughter to wear pants to school “like the boys” so she can play sports and ride her bike to school.

  • Australia's 2016 Olympics uniform goes full on private school preppy

    Can you believe it's been four years since we last argued over the Australian Olympic team's uniform? Well, depending on your taste, privilege and education, the 2016 iteration of the opening ceremony uniform is a green and gold private school nightmare worth getting in a schoolyard brawl over.  SEE ALSO: Angry about the rain? Call this hotline to complain about the weather Like a scene straight out of <i>Gossip Girl</i>, Australian Olympians assembled to reveal the uniform on Wednesday at Bondi's Icebergs in Sydney, which was designed by local label Sportscraft. It's the seventh time the "iconic lifestyle brand" has designed the Australian uniforms in the 102-year history of competing in the Olympics. Featuring a minty fresh green pinstriped blazer, green and gold ties or scarves, plus pearly white shirts, shorts, skirts and TOMS shoes — you'd better hope they stay away from the tomato sauce while wearing this ensemble.  Bright, classic-looking and inoffensive to the right crowd, this year Australia's Olympians will have no problems fitting in down at the yacht/polo/golf club. It's arguably a vast improvement on the uniforms in years gone by, which were marked by shrouds of controversy and debate over the fact that they were, well, ugly.  Somehow, for eight years Australia's Olympians looked like the crew members of a defunct regional airline. Let's take a look at the bad old years. 2012 Image: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images 2008 Image: ANOEK DE GROOT/AFP/Getty Images 2004 Image: Getty Images And then there was 1984... <em></em>

  • Zac Posen Is Designing for Delta

    Rihanna, Katie Holmes, and Coco Rocha might be some of Zac Posen's best clients, but there's no way they'll be caught in his latest offerings. The designer has been tapped to create new uniforms for about 30,000 of Delta Airlines' 80,000 employees. ?It is a dream come true to design for such an iconic American brand and I am always traveling,? Posen said at a press conference. But while it might seem like a random collaboration for the Project Runway judge, many of Posen's peers have dabbled in uniforming the service industry.