Twitter-themed beach hotel opens in Mallorca, Spain

OMG, is this the latest #traveltrend? The Sol Wave House hotel in beachy Mallorca, Spain, has officially become the world's first Twitter-themed hotel.

Not sure what that means?


First off, it means there are going to be a lot of #hashtags everywhere (and probably a few in this post as well #sorrynotsorry). Guests join a virtual community called #SocialWave, accessible only through the hotel's WiFi. Using that hashtag, they can then chat away with other guests and with the hotel's two Twitter concierges.

According to an online press release from Meliá Hotels International, the Sol Wave House's parent company, the whole experience “guarantees fun, new friendships, experiences, surprise, excitement and 'buzz'” and encourages guests to “flirt, compete in contests, share photos, etc.”

The entire hotel, opened last year but #twitterfied just a week or so ago, is designed to engage visitors in (virtual) conversations. In the new #TwitterPartySuites, spacious rooms for up to four people, guests are greeted with a bottle of Cava, a free round of drinks at the hotel's #TwitterParties, a 20% discount at hotel bars and restaurants, and a VIP sunbed.(#FYI, T+L found a #TwitterPartySuite available in August for $593 a night, coming to about $150 per person.)

Curious about just who, exactly, will be staying at a Twitter-themed hotel? Luckily, Twitter makes that easy.

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