Four Seasons Private Jet Service

The Sky's the Limit for the Luxury Hotel Chain

Famous the world over for its luxurious line of hotels, Four Seasons is now set to take to the skies with the industry's first fully branded private jet experience. Scheduled for take-off in early 2015, Four Seasons' new venture invites 52 lucky guests on an opulent multi-city journey aboard a retrofitted Boeing 757. These personalized itineraries include air travel, planned excursions, gourmet meals and accommodations at a Four Seasons hotel in each city. There are currently three trips open for reservations: Around the World, February 2015; Backstage with the Arts, April 2015; and Around the World, August 2015.

The 24-day Around the World journeys are $119,000 per person and can include London, Mumbai, Istanbul, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Marrakech, Serengeti and Beijing. The sixteen-day Backstage with the Arts trip is $69,000 per person and includes Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Prague.

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