New South Korean police are protecting tourists, Gangnam Style

·Claudine Zap

The global popularity of South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has hit the country’s new tourist police force — at least when it comes to fashion.

The officers, who provide assistance to visitors, have gone “Gangnam style” in their uniforms, designed by Kim Seo-ryong, who made costumes for Psy, according to CNN.

This may make sense when you see the new look: The tourism police look more like the fashion police in dapper berets, double-breasted, bright blue jackets, slim-cut pants, and dark glasses. Hey, sexy lady — and gentleman!

The pop sensation Psy rose to global fame in 2012 when his music video “Gangnam Style" became the most watched video on YouTube. The viral video, with over 1.7 billion views, features the rapper in a variety of sharp suits and dark glasses — the very look that seems to have inspired the police uniforms.

But the new force is not just for looks. With an influx of tourists to the country, the 101 men and women have been tasked with protecting visitors from getting ripped off. They also assist visitors by speaking Chinese, Japanese, and English, according to a statement from the Korea Tourism Organization. Plus, they’ll look good.

To introduce the new tourism police force, a group performed the “Gangnam Style” horse dance to the Psy hit on Wednesday in Seoul, reports CNN.

The song is named for the affluent Seoul neighborhood Gangnam, which has become a destination in itself, according to Time. The hope is that the tourism police force will also become an attraction.

“From now on, you guys will be very busy having pictures taken with tourists,” Korea Tourism Organization President Charm Lee said at the launch event, reported Time.

Let’s hope they all know how to do the horse dance.