Airline launches “all-you-can-fly” service for a monthly fee

Flying has become a miserable experience for most. But now Surf Air is offering a new high-end service for travelers in California. For a monthly fee, members can fly an unlimited number of flights within the state.

It sounds expensive. And it is. The monthly rate is $1,650 (plus a one-time $500 initiation fee) for all the flights to three destinations (for now): Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. Members can bring friends and family along with guest passes, and the experience promises no security hassles, 30-second booking, and perks like free Wi-Fi and a concierge who "knows your name and preferences." Not to mention networking with a select group of well-heeled frequent fliers.

Surf Air's website admits that it's a pricey proposal, but argues that time is also money: "If you drive two to five hours regularly, you need a Surf Air membership. No need to waste valuable work (or play) time stuck in traffic or mile-long security lines." It adds, "With all that extra time, you could work on your golf game."

The service uses smaller airports and no TSA screening, so travelers need only show up 15 minutes before departure. "You're about probably 50 feet from the plane as it pulls up, and then the concierge will come get you when it's time to go," Surf Air CEO Wade Eyerly told NPR.

There's a notable difference with the planes, too: The company boasts six passenger Pilatus PC-12 aircrafts, complete with a "BMW-designed executive interior." Meaning everybody gets a leather seat.