Amanda Bynes Tweets About Bipolar Diagnosis, Insists She's 'Fine'

Amanda Bynes after shopping at Victoria's Secret on Monday (Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News)
Amanda Bynes after shopping at Victoria's Secret on Monday (Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News)

In what has become a frightening pattern, troubled star Amanda Bynes tweeted a series of scattered messages concerning her mental state, her parents, and her appearance early Tuesday.

Though the 28-year-old former actress started on a relatively positive note, her tone quickly devolved as the tweets continued to post over the course of the next several hours.

"I was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive so I'm on medication and seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly so I'm fine," she began bright and early in the morning.

Still, she was quick to admit that all is not well in her world.

"I need to get an apartment and my parents won't give me access to any of my funds," she lamented. She went on to explain that she is not currently living with her parents and that she is "not legally obligated to" do so. "My lawyer said if I comply with the courts and take my meds and see my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly then I will get unconserved," she revealed before adding, "Thank GOD."

In a twist of events, however, a few hours later, Bynes recanted her previous messages. "I was at a friends apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone, sorry guys!" she declared.

Yet not long after claiming that she had not posted the previous tweets to her account, she was back on a rant about her family. "I'm so mad at my parents," she exclaimed. She later followed this up claiming, "We aren't speaking."

Bynes also blamed her folks for her bedraggled appearance.

"They are with holding my belongings and money from me so I don't have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment," she wrote. "So until I get a different conservator ill look terrible because I don't have enough to get new clothes or anything I need."

This tirade comes on the heels of Bynes's release from a psychiatric facility last week. While she is no longer under an involuntary hold, however, her mother retains control over Amanda's medical and financial decisions until February 2015. In fact, reports have surfaced that Bynes has been living off American Express gift cards provided by her parents.

Even though Amanda is obviously upset by this situation, if her latest Twitter rant is any indication of her current mental state, her mother's conservatorship seems to be an extremely good thing.