• Finally: Woman Emoji Get Jobs

    A small team of Google employees has just proposed an empowering collection of feminist emoji.

  • I Quit Texting My Boyfriend for a Week, and Here's What It Taught Me About My Relationship

    I'd never gone more than a few hours without texting bae. Until now.​

  • When You Send Text Messages Using This, People Don’t Trust You

    Texting is now the predominant way Americans under the age of 50 communicate. In a small study, researchers from Binghamton University had 126 undergraduates read a series of text messages and handwritten notes and then rate the sincerity of the receivers response on a scale of 1 to 7, they found that text messages ending with a period were consistently perceived to be less sincere than ones that do not. Each exchange included an invitation phrased as a question, such as “Want to go to the movies?” followed by a simple one-word reply like “Yeah” or “Sure.” And interestingly enough, when a final period was left off of a handwritten note, study participants ranked it no differently than its properly punctuated counterparts.

  • Why Texting=Wrinkles: All About Modern Agers

    You’re painfully familiar with the usual wrinkle-causing, age-revealing suspects like sun exposure, sugar-laden diets, and stress. But these days, a whole new slew of technology-related agers are threatening our youth. Earlier this year Charlotte’s Book reported on the dreaded texting turkey neck, and that’s just the beginning—call them the unusual suspects of aging: from squinting at small screens to phacne (you guessed it—acne from your bacteria-laden phone), the modern world presents a skin-damaging obstacle course for anyone with a smart phone or laptop. We asked Charlotte’s Book Dr.