• Kim Kardashian Wore the Same Outfit 3 Days in a Row – and the Internet Is Obsessed

    Kim Kardashian wears the same tank top and sweatpants three days in a row. The toddler donned a pair of fuzzy cheetah slippers for the laid-back occasion, while her mother went for a casual look of grey Yeezy sweatpants, white sneakers and a white tank top sans bra, because she’s that low-key. Kardashian stuns in the first day of her uniformed outfit.

  • If Justin Bieber Can Wear Sweatpants Outside, You Can Too

    Earlier this week Justin Bieber was seen out and about in New York wearing Supreme x Playboy sweatpants that belong to his rumored love interest Hailey Baldwin. Us mere mortals need to think twice before even wearing sweatpants out of the house, never mind to a meeting. Here are 13 pairs of sweatpants so that you can look cool and won’t have to steal your girlfriend’s a la Biebs.

  • 9 Celebs Living Their Best, Comfiest Lives in Sweatpants

    Whether you’re more of the sweatpants and a T-shirt type or prefer the full sweat-on-sweat look, this is the moment to embrace—nay, celebrate—your sleepy-lazy-cozy side and be extra thankful you have an entire holiday to do it. Need a little extra inspiration? Here are 9 celebs living their lives the comfy way, in sweats.