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  • Sarah Jessica Parker is being shamed for looking '80 years old' — but there's a bigger problem

    Sarah Jessica Parker is an award-winning actress and fashion icon yet her age is one achievement she’s apparently not allowed to claim.

  • Stefano Gabbana speaks out on controversial adoption remarks: 'I respect ideas that are different to my own'

    Three years after D&G designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana faced explosive backlash for declaring that IVF babies are “children of chemistry, synthetic children,” Gabbana is issuing a retraction. Sort of.

  • Melania Trump Wears Incredible $51,500 Floral Jacket for Final Day Abroad

    The Dolce & Gabbana jacket she wore to the G7 Summit in Italy was covered in multicolored 3D floral appliques creating a striking garden-esque motif.

  • Stefano Gabbana Sends Explicit Message to Melania Trump Trolls on Instagram

    Stefano Gabbana often defends Melania Trump on his Instagram account. It’s pretty obvious Melania Trump really likes Dolce & Gabbana. Not only is she wearing a black jacket from the fashion house in her official White House portrait, but on a recent trip abroad she stepped out in four different outfits — and counting.

  • Designer Defends 'I'm Thin & Gorgeous' Dolce & Gabbana Sneakers

    Stefano Gabanna's response was "Absolutely Fabulous."

  • Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Graffiti Brags 'I'm Thin & Gorgeous'

    Dolce & Gabbana‘s Fall/Winter collection includes a pair of sneakers that look a lot like your favorite pair in high school — you know, the ones you’d write on with a Sharpie during a boring lecture. When Stefano Gabbana posted an image of the shoes by Japanese artist Jumpei Kawamura on Instagram, the majority of the comments where hearts and “Love!” But some followers were quick to point out the issue with this wording.

  • Designer Defends Melania Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Official Photo: ‘Go to Hell’

    The first official portrait of Melania Trump as first lady was revealed on Monday. On Monday, the first official portrait of Melania Trump as the first lady of the United States was revealed. The official White House portrait features Trump standing with her arms crossed, wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana jacket — possibly the label’s $2,895 Turlington satin-trim two-button jacket — with a $680 black silk scarf from luxury French designer Hermès.

  • Italy’s Supreme Court Details Reasons for Acquittal of Dolce, Gabbana in Tax Trial

    The Supreme Court said the “fiscal advantage is not illegal only because the entrepreneur exploits the opportunities offered by the market or by a more convenient fiscal legislature.” The fiscal advantage is illegal only if it “is obtained through situations that are not consistent with reality or are a pure ploy.” “The exclusive research of a fiscal gain,” said the court, even if it can be qualified as an elusive operation, “is not in itself enough to prove an evasion, especially when the economic operation is real and effective.” Addressing the omitted declaration of taxes allegedly committed by the designers and their fellow defendants, the Supreme Court highlighted “the mistake” of the judges at the lower levels who believed the prosecution’s accusations.