• 10 Delicious Grapefruit Cocktails to Perk Up This Winter

    Winter is prime time for grapefruit. Good for breakfast, it’s even better added to cocktails. From a bourbon and honey L.A. classic to contemporary riffs on the Negroni, these 10 recipes will send you stocking up on the sweet-tart fruit.   More cocktail ideas from Yahoo Food: How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee With Just 4 Ingredients Pomegranate and Orange Prosecco for a Festive Party Cocktail How to Make an Easy Bloody Mary With Everyday Ingredient

  • Steven Soderbergh on Oil Prices, the Oscars, and Why He Likes to Drink

    Steven Soderbergh says Singani 63 gives you a better high than drinking beer, and you hang on to your motor skills while going to that “happy place.”

  • Why You Should be Drinking Your Bloody Mary With Tequila

    There’s something hard to pin down about the taste of tequila. It’s sweet yet savory, rich without feeling too filling. It’s a spirit that’s become increasingly popular in cocktail circles in the last few years; it’s also one of the more well-known ways to replace vodka in a Bloody Mary.

  • The 15 Most Popular Drinks of 2015

    When it comes to cocktail culture, 2015 celebrated the best of both worlds. This year’s hottest drinks ran the gamut from old-school classics to forward-thinking creations. Discover which side you were on with a look at the 15 most popular cocktails of the year. More cocktail ideas to mix up from Yahoo Food: Boozy Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate Is A Must This Winter Cuba Libre from ‘Cuban Cocktails’ 8 Craft Spirit Makers Who Are Bringing Back Histor

  • How to Make an Easy Bloody Mary With Everyday Ingredients

    Pro chef Jamie Bissonnette taught Spoon University how to make a Bloody Mary with everyday ingredients. This version is super simple and tastes just as good as one you’d get at a restaurant. Never be sober at brunch again.

  • 6 Festive Cocktails for Christmas Parties

    Are you expecting a crowd for your annual holiday party and wondering what to serve? Have no fear — Scotch-spiked coupes, creamy eggnogs and fragrant punches are here to ensure your party will be one for the record books.

  • 22 Boozy Christmas Gifts to Lift Holiday Spirits

    For bookworms, there are new guides that delve into the history of beer throughout the globe, a guide to make cocktails to pair with your favorite classic movies, and a travel guide to give you inspiration for 52 different weekend wine getaways.

  • 5 Ways to Enjoy a Shrub Cocktail This Fall

    Shrubs: If you haven’t heard of them, your cocktail game is in for a sweet-and-sour treat.

  • Why You Should Be Drinking Apple Brandy and Applejack This Fall

    Beating even bourbon to the punch, the beginnings of American apple brandy stretch back to the 1600s, when colonists were cultivating apple orchards throughout the Northeast and producing hard cider. This clever method, also known as “jacking,” allowed drinkers to separate the alcohol that didn’t freeze from the ice remaining in the barrels, resulting in a high-proof “applejack.” Cut to 1698, when an important figure named William Laird settled in New Jersey.

  • James Bond Prefers Champagne, and 4 More Surprising Facts

    James Bond, portrayed here by Daniel Craig, likes spirits from martinis to champagne. On Friday one of cinema’s most famous imbibers is back at it for the 24th James Bond film, “Spectre,” which is already breaking box-office sales records in Europe. If you want to truly drink like James Bond, here’s what you need to know about 007’s spirited history. 1. He invented the Vesper Martini.

  • The 7 Scariest Real-Life Haunted Houses in the U.S.

    Haunted houses—the ones with people dressed up in gorilla suits and strobe lights—can be pretty scary. (I, personally, refuse to step foot in one.) But they’re nothing compared to haunted haunted houses: The ones with real ghosts inside; filled with creeks, groans, screams, and even visible apparitions, still roaming the halls and tending to the residences they once occupied in another lifetime. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve rounded up the seven most spirit-filled houses and hotels in the United States.

  • Spooky Drink Garnishes for your Halloween Party

    On Halloween, a lemon wedge just won’t do. It’s time for your Halloween extravaganza: the walls are lined with spider webs, spooky ghosts and skulls. All your guests are wearing the scariest costumes you’ve ever seen, but something looks very underdressed—your cocktails. Why should they miss out on all the fun?