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    Spanx’s Founder Bought Olivia Newton-John’s Grease Pants

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  • Kim Kardashian accidentally flashes her Spanx

    Versace might have custom made Kim Kardashian’s dress to fit her body precisely, but that didn’t stop her from slipping on a pair of Spanx. On Tuesday night, the reality star attended a party to celebrate the launch of her Business Of Fashion magazine cover in New York City wearing a skin tight yellow gown that was recreated for her from the Versace archives. Two of Kardashian’s famous sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, were in attendance as well, along with their mother Kris Jenner.

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  • Spanx Launched A Major New Category That's Almost Too Pretty To Be Shapewear

    As far as shapewear is concerned, our chief concerns revolve around: A) how magical and shape-shifting the ultra-stretchy garments will prove to be and B) if we'll still be able to breathe comfortably, if at all, while wearing said garments. Spanx is changing that with its first-ever bridal pieces. The brand has long offered more than just the skintone bodysuits and glorified bike shorts that are most traditionally synonymous with shapewear, like its wondrously rip-proof opaque black tights or celeb-vetted leggings.

  • Shapewear as Outerwear? Spanx Is Trying to Make It Happen 

    Kristen Stewart recently hosted SNL. Actress Kristen Stewart delivered an exceptional performance while hosting Saturday Night Live on Feb. 4. Stewart definitely isn’t the first female celebrity to dress up a black slip, but it’s notable that the garment she wore was designed by Spanx — a brand that recently vamped up its presence in the athleisure market and started to create pieces outside of shapewear.

  • Meet the Woman Who's Reinventing Shapewear, One Body at a Time

    It’s an indisputable fact: Shapewear has come a long, long way from the restrictive and sometimes painful corsets, girdles, and compression garments once worn by our grandmothers and their mothers. In comparison, the stretchy, modern-day version — as exemplified by Spanx — feels radically innovative in its simplicity and relative comfort. Debuting in the early aughts, women were quick to embrace it — turning Spanx’s inventor, Sara Blakely, into a billionaire, and making the brand’s name as synonymous with “shapewear” as Kleenex is to facial tissues.

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  • Meghan Trainor Tells Howard Stern Why She Took Down ‘Me Too’ Video

    “Yeah, and it was a thing where I asked them, can you hide my mustache,” Trainor openly told Stern, “And take off my mole hair…”

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    Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke recreates her character’s famous “Where are my dragons?!?” line while looking for very important items around her home, like her Spanx.

  • As Spanx CEO Exits, Founder Sara Blakely Returns

    After less than two years on the job, the CEO of wildly popular shapewear brand Spanx, Jan Singer, has left her role at the $1 billion company, and founder Sara Blakely has returned.

  • A Saleslady Told a Teen She Needed Spanx. Her Mother’s Response Is Epic.

    When a saleslady entered the changing room after a photo of teenage Lexi trying on a dress was taken and insisted the high school student needed to wear shapewear, Lexi's mom, Megan, composed an open letter in hopes that the offender would "not say something like that to a girl ever again."

  • Kylie Jenner’s ‘Perky Backside’ Only Cost Her $44

    Kylie Jenner taking a mirror pic of herself in Spanx. Kylie Jenner / Snapchat Another day, another Kylie Jenner beauty/body secret revealed via Snapchat. As if her nipple piercing news, anti-bullying pleas, and graduation party videos weren’t enough to excite kylizzlemynizzle social media fans, the 18-year-old snapped a mirror selfie on Monday, wearing a white tank top and tan tush shapers.  “These new spanx are bomb.

  • Models Circumvent Skinny Ban By Wearing Padded Spanx

    When fashion hubs France and Italy—along with Israel and Spain—recently passed laws requiring ultra-thin models to have medically adequate body mass index numbers (usually around 18) before being hired to walk the runway, it seemed like the industry was headed in a positive, and certainly healthier, direction. According to Jennifer Sky, a former model who wrote an op-ed in the Observer (via Racked) about France’s new law, while certain models are adding weight to their thin frames to up their BMIs, they’re doing it in a… less than conventional way.

  • Spanx CEO Jan Singer on Destigmatizing Shapewear

    Why not put Spanx in the center of it? In the 15 years since Spanx was founded by Sara Blakely to help women rein in their bulges, the brand, while showing good growth with an estimated $300 million to $400 million in sales, has been perceived as a tummy-tucking commodity, and more often as the butt of a joke than a fashion statement.