• Sia Was Spotted Without Her Wig Again

    Do you even recognize her?

  • Kate Hudson Joins the List of Leading Ladies Who Shaved Their Heads for Roles

    Kate Hudson isn't the first to to go bald for her craft. Here are other actresses, from Demi Moore to Millie Bobby Brown, who have shaved it all off for a role.

  • From Gigi Hadid to Kylie Jenner, the Greatest Celebrity Hair Fake-Outs

    Gigi Hadid is just one of the celebs who have led us to think they’ve made a major cut when they actually had just donned a wig.

  • Sia Makes Rare Appearance Sans Wig

    Australian singer Sia is rarely seen without her signature face-covering wig. The elusive star shaped her public persona around her mysterious look for much of her career — so much so that some of her fans wouldn’t even recognize her without the hairpiece!

  • Sia Has Some Advice For Kanye West About His Latest Yeezy Collection

    No matter how treacherous an experience it can be, the Yeezy show remains a much-anticipated spectacle each time NYFW rolls around. And even though last season saw editors being sent on a five-hour-long, hot, mysterious goose chase to Roosevelt Island for Season 4, the industry keeps coming back for more. However, West's longtime musical collaborator, Sia, isn't completely thrilled about his latest showing.

  • Sia Reveals Her Face In A Rare Photo Without Her Wig

    Posing alongside Katy Perry and Missy Elliot, Sia removed her infamous wig for a party - and it looks like the secret is well and truly out.

  • Bigwigs with Wigs: Celebrities and Their Hair Closets

    “This is the wig I wore for VMA,” she said while lovingly stroking a brunette wig as we plebeians who don’t attend awards shows would do with a pet dog. “I feel very supportive and blessed that Cher has been so supportive of me borrowing her wigs,” Gaga told in September 2014.

  • Meet the Original Katy Perry: The B-52’s Kate Pierson Talks Style & Sia

    Kate Pierson has been the most colorful member of that band from the onset—and we’re not just talking about her penchant for loud prints. “I’ve wanted to do a solo record for a long time,” says Pierson, on the line from upstate New York, where she lives in the country with her partner, Monica Coleman.

  • Grammy Awards Superlatives: From Most Naked to Most Outrageous

    Nothing inspires crazy quite like the Grammy Awards. To properly celebrate the silliest red carpet of the season, Yahoo Style has decided to hand out superlatives like Most Naked, Most Outrageous, and Most Casual to those who took the biggest risks—whether they succeeded or not.

  • Ladies in Gentleman Suits, Please Stand Up!

    What do Anna Kendrick, Sia, Rhianna, and Danielle Haim have in common? They all opted for menswear-inspired looks at the Grammys, proving that whatever boys can do, girls can do better! While most women opted for sparkles and/or pink, Kendrick wore a black tuxedo by Band of Outsiders, accessorizing with minimal jewelry. Sia may have hidden her face under a mop of hair, but everyone could see her custom Giorgio Armani suit; it was just the right amount of avant garde.