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  • This protest pin will be the Golden Globes' trendiest accessory — but will it make a difference?

    At this Sunday's Golden Globes, many actresses are expected to dress in black on the red carpet, in a silent protest of sexual harassment. Now we've learned that they may also be wearing a more explicit accessory: a Time's Up solidarity pin.

  • Why replacing Matt Lauer with Hoda Kotb is 'strong statement'

    Social media is screaming, “Hell ya!” to the promotion of Hoda Kotb to co-anchor of the "Today" show alongside Savannah Guthrie, replacing Matt Lauer, who was fired for “inappropriate behavior.”

  • Shonda Rhimes Gets Real About Her Body Insecurities

    Shonda Rhimes is one of the most powerful women in television, boasting the creation of massive shows Scandal, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy. Rhimes, who lost over 100 pounds in 2015, has been vocal about her weight loss journey, telling Ellen that her main inspiration for the change was to feel healthier and not to fit into some toxic mold of societal beauty standards. Rhimes continued to say that she hopes women everywhere will be kinder to themselves.

  • Hair Is Very Important to Shonda Rhimes

    She made a documentary about it (that you need to see).

  • Shonda Rhimes Is On a Mission to Give You Olivia Pope-Level Confidence in Yourself

    Shonda Rhimes Talks About Real Beauty, Works With Dove

  • Shonda Rhimes Revealed How People Started Treating Her Differently After She Lost Weight

    In her new Shondaland newsletter (which you should definitely subscribe to), TV queen Shonda Rhimes writes on all manner of important topics. This week, she opened up about something pretty personal: her weight loss. Specifically, she spoke about people's reactions to her weight loss, and how these reactions reveal our internal bias and actually do more harm than good if they're not coming from the right place.

  • Shonda Rhimes joins national board of Planned Parenthood

    Shonda Rhimes has given the world <em>Grey's Anatomy,</em> <em>How to Get Away With Murder, </em>and <em>Scandal</em>. Now the acclaimed producer wants to use her storytelling skills to improve reproductive rights. In an interview with <em>Elle</em> <em>, </em>Rhimes revealed she has joined the national board of Planned Parenthood. After being active with her local Los Angeles affiliate for years, the television mastermind is expanding her responsibilities to support the organization. SEE ALSO: Get schooled online by celebrities like Steve Martin, Shonda Rhimes "When someone you really admire ... calls on you to serve, you say yes," she said in the interview, referring to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. "Women's health is under fire right now and so to me, it feels like it's important to help fight back." Richards told <em>Elle</em> that Rhimes will help the organization focus on the stories of people who too often don't get heard. "The best thing we can do is just channel the enormous creative energy and storytelling ability that Shonda Rhimes already has to do our work even better," Richards said. The PP president has long been a fan of Rhimes' work. In 2015, Richards tweeted praise at the acclaimed writer for an episode of <em>Scandal </em>in which protagonist Olivia Pope got an abortion. Thank you @shondarhimes for bringing this incredibly important issue to the bajillion people watching. #Scandal — Cecile Richards (@CecileRichards) November 20, 2015 "She wrote a story that was not sensational; it was real, and people related to it," Richards said. "There's almost no one in America who can't relate to the issue of an unplanned pregnancy or a troubled pregnancy; it's touched them somehow in their lives." Said Rhimes: "When you help make people healthier, it makes the nation healthier, it makes the world healthier, it makes the economy healthier.  "I just want to be of service, and I'll do that any way I can." It's another great day in Shondaland. WATCH: Scientists have recreated a period — and it's a big deal for women's health

  • Shonda Rhimes Teams With Dove to Tell Stories About "Real Beauty" (Exclusive)

    The prolific showrunner will film submissions to the brand's website to be featured in upcoming ads.

  • Rihanna: ‘All Girls Rock — Black Girls, We Just On Another Level’

    Undeniably, black girls rock and on Tuesday night, BET celebrated just that with its aptly named Black Girls Rock! awards. During the 10th annual ceremony, which was hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross (she opened the show with a magical musical number), stars including Rihanna, Shonda Rhimes, and Amandla Stenberg were honored, each delivering inspiring speeches. Activists Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, the founders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, were also given accolades and Hillary Clinton even stopped by, taking a break from the campaign trail to make a brief appearance to speak on the legacy of black women.&nbsp;

  • Shonda Rhimes Owns Her Success

    Reading Shonda Rhimes’ acceptance speech at the Television at the Producer Guild Awards, it’s hard to imagine that this smart, fierce, outspoken woman was once terrified of public speaking.

  • Want to Be Fierce? 10 Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

    Television writer and producer Shonda Rhimes. (Photo: James White).

  • The Best and Craziest Revelations from This Season's Lady Memoirs

    Go to any bookstore this fall, and you’re guaranteed to be confronted with memoirs by women. There’s Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road and Shonda Rhimes’ My Year of Yes. Amber Rose teaches us How to Be a Bad Bitch while Drew Barrymore weighs in on life lessons with Wildflower. The legendary Grace Jones gives in and tells it like it is in I’ll Never Write My Memoirs and actresses Ileana Doulgas and Mary-Louise Parker prove to be just as talented at writing as they are onscreen. &nbsp;

  • Shonda Rhimes: Losing Weight Made Me Feel ‘Shallow and Misogynistic’

    Shonda Rhimes tells ‘Nightline’ about losing weight. (Source: Getty Images) In an interview with Nightline that will air tonight, Shonda Rhimes explains how her desire to lose weight made her feel “shallow and misogynistic.”  The powerhouse jack-of-all-trades television producer, who created, wrote, produced, and ran day-to-day operations for Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Scandal, is currently promoting her new book, Year of Yes, which is about how she changed her life after realizing that she never said yes to anything — she even once hired a publicist to help her avoid public appearances and decline interviews! In the book, one of the topics of interest is weight loss.

  • Lena Dunham Brought the Sexual Revolution to “Scandal”

    Lena Dunham has done almost as much for women in the past few years as Gloria Steinem. On Thursday night, when Dunham guest starred on Scandal—even though she was transported into Shondaland, a less realistic world that portrays humans in all their messed up glory—she didn’t leave her iconic Dunhamness behind. Dunham—in a bad mousy-haired wig—played Sue, a woman who wrote about the numerous sexual escapades she’s had with a string of power player partners.