• Shakira's meme-worthy Super Bowl tongue wag is actually a nod to her Arab culture

    Shakira became the Super Bowl's most meme-able moment after wagging her tongue at the camera. Now, people are clarifying that it's actually a cultural gesture.

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    On Thursday, the 50-year-old singer gave a sneak peek into her preparation for Super Bowl LIV, and we could not help but notice JLo's amazing abs as she stood on the football field.

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  • Shakira's Abs in 1 Word: Unbelievable

    If we had Shakira's rock-hard abs, we would only wear crop tops and revealing outfits, too. The core on that woman gets us every time. We literally can't keep our eyes off of them - specially when she belly dances! Things that go through our heads: How? Why? But, seriously, how? And let us just remind you that Shakira is a mom to two boys, Milan and Sasha. She puts in the work, though. Based on her Instagram, Shakira's favorite ways to exercise are, of course, dancing and playing tennis with her friends and family. After being mesmerized by her abs in these 45+ photos ahead, you'll surely be inspired to work on your own (here's an amazing workout for that). RelatedHow Shakira Stays So Damn Fit, According to Her Instagram