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  • Trump’s Pro-Abstinence HHS Appointee Fits an Unnerving ‘Pattern’

    On Tuesday, the Trump administration quietly appointed Valerie J. Huber as chief of staff for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Huber most recently served as president and CEO of Ascend, an organization focused on promoting abstinence-only education in schools. She was previously the abstinence-education coordinator for the state of Ohio, where she oversaw abstinence programs for more than 100,000 students per year. Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, the director of public policy for Advocates for Youth, says there is a pattern not only of Trump appointees being named to offices whose very mission they seem to oppose, but also one emerging among HHS appointees specifically who are united in their opposition to contraception.

  • Why Didn’t I Know I’d Been Raped? My School Didn’t Teach Sex Ed.

    Sexual assault wasn’t even something on my radar because it had never been talked about, especially by my school. All I was taught was that a sexual encounter was a sexual encounter — I had no way of distinguishing between consensual sex and rape.

  • Foreign PSA Under Fire for Warning Women Not to Dress ‘Too Sexily’

    A sex-education leaflet that basically equates promiscuity and “dressing too sexily” — strictly on the part of young women, of course — has been the topic of derision on Facebook ever since someone who spotted it, took offense and posted it there.

  • Sex Ed Is Negative, Sexist and Out of Touch: Study

    Hardly anyone is happy with sex education

  • Experts Think 9-Year-Old Girls Should Be Told About Their Ticking Biological Clocks

    A leading UK fertility expert believes children as young as nine should be taught about the dangers of waiting to start a family.