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  • 'Screw you and all your fear and homophobia': Nurse reveals what it was like to work at San Francisco's first AIDS ward

    The new RYOT/Verizon Media documentary 5B highlights the brave nurses and caregivers who opened the first AIDS ward in San Francisco in 1983. Yahoo Lifestyle talks to one of the nurses, Mary Magee, about what it was like.

  • Public school teacher with breast cancer forced to pay for her own substitute while on medical leave

    "She's an incredible teacher and that's not fair. That’s crazy!”

  • McDonald's reopened after man brings dead raccoon inside in graphic video shared on social media

    Customers at a San Francisco McDonald's were not loving it when a reportedly homeless man entered the fast-food chain with a dead raccoon in tow.

  • A dog stands guard outside his owner's California home for almost a month after the Camp Fire

    Thanks to the help of an animal rescuer, Madison has been reunited with his owner.

  • Japanese Mayor Infuriated By 'Comfort Women' Statue Cuts Sister City Ties With San Francisco

    San Francisco accepted the donation of a statue honoring World War II's “comfort women,” prompting the mayor of Osaka, Japan, to cut ties between the sister cities. San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee announced the endorsement of the statue at a city council meeting on Wednesday, despite Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura's warnings about the possibility of the statue being given a permanent home in the city. Yoshimura will begin severing the ties between the two locales, which have been “sister cities” since 1957, and aims to completely separate from San Francisco by the end of the year.

  • This Weekend Only: Everlane’s Pop-Up Shop Brings You Your New Favorite Shoes

    Everlane will debut its new Day Collection of shoes at two pop-up shops this weekend. If you’re the sort of person who gets really hyped about effortlessly cool basics, then you’re no doubt already hip to Everlane, the mostly online retailer that has recently made baby steps into the world of brick-and-mortar retail. This Saturday, Everlane is debuting two new pop-up shops — one in New York City and one in San Francisco.

  • High Waists and Layers Grab Joe Zee’s Attention on the Streets of San Fran

    San Francisco’s Mission District is the latest destination for Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee in his ongoing search for amazing street style. In the Mission, as it’s known, he encounters sartorial statements that range from superchic to playful and practical to out there – way out there, like space. Admit it, you’re curious to see what that looks like. All you have to do is watch the latest episode of “Look at Me with Joe Zee.”

  • Joe Zee Finds Politics, Platforms, and Sparkle on the Streets of San Francisco

    Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee continues his never-ending quest to find the best, most creative, most standout street style — and this time it’s on the streets of San Francisco. In the latest episode of “Look at Me With Joe Zee,” he hits the Arts District and encounters an eclectic group of people, including a woman who designs her own jewelry — today’s theme is the DeLorean from Back to the Future — and a woman whose face is obscured by a purple scarf. It’s the latest, she claims, in anti-facial recognition technology. You really should see for yourself.

  • Fashion Boutique Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Ivanka Trump

    Modern Appealing Clothing has sued Ivanka Trump's company for unfair competition.

  • Ultra-Thin French Models Will Need Doctor’s Notes to Work

    French lawmakers on Thursday adopted a bill forcing ultra-thin models to furnish a doctor’s certificate confirming they are healthy and magazines that Photoshop their silhouette to tag the images as “touched up”.

  • Hot Spot: Sephora's New High-Tech Workshop

    Leave it to the city of San Francisco to get the most high-tech beauty experiences before the rest of us do: The 8,500 square feet store located at 33 Powell Street is re-opening November 20 as the first and only Sephora Beauty Tip (Teaching, Inspiration, and Play) Workshop, with over 13,000 products and interactive services. Like most beauty junkies, we’d happily spend a few hours slowly meandering through the selections at Sephora — maybe getting a touchup along the way — but this takes the beauty emporium straight into Willa Wonka territory. In addition to stations for trying new hair and makeup trends, here are the main features you should check out the next time you’re in San Francisco: The Beauty Workshop station at San Francisco’s Sephora Powell Street. (Photo: Courtesy of Sephora) The Beauty Workshop: The main feature of the re-designed store will be The Beauty Workshop, a central workstation where you can take group beauty lessons with Sephora’s top makeup artist instructors, follow tutorials at the iPad stations, or find more inspiration at The Beauty Board, a shoppable gallery made of user-generated content.

  • 13 Best Vintage Stores in the U.S.

    I’ve been a devoted vintage clothing shopper since my teens. I’ve never shopped a vintage boutique that was truly great that didn’t have each of those three things in check.

  • Spa Insider: San Francisco’s Skin Remedy

    Tucked behind a gated alleyway in Presidio Heights, San Francisco, where affluent resident neighbors compost their single-origin coffee grinds in their multi-million dollar mansions. The entrance to Skin Remedy, located behind an alleyway in Presidio Heights. The Vermont native started her career in Los Angeles in 2004, but moved to San Francisco after realizing the Northern Californian emphasis on healthy living instead of aesthetics was better suited for herself.

  • Interior Designer Ken Fulk's Shopping Guide to San Francisco

    Known for his wild mix of colors and eye-catching items that really make a statement (think: cobalt blue walls and generous use of animal prints and taxidermy), interior designer Ken Fulk’s rooms are like sophisticated funhouses for his clients. The dapper decorator has created richly appointed Pacific Heights townhouses for San Francisco high society (for the likes of Trevor and Alexis Traina and Mark and Ali Pincus), revamped social clubs and restaurants from The Battery to The Cavalier, and even orchestrated over-the-top weddings of Silicon Valley tech titans like Sean Parker. We asked Fulk for a tour of his favorite design shopping destinations around his home city of San Francisco. Read on for his top 10.

  • Maya Angelou: The Original Solo Adventuress

    Maya Angelou, the late great novelist, poet, singer, dancer, actor and all-around Renaissance woman was one of America’s first female solo explorers and adventurers. Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis and was scarred by a traumatizing early childhood. St. Louis is one of the settings for her memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. You can check out Angelou’s “star” on the city’s Hollywood-style St. Louis Walk of Fame on Delmar Boulevard — alongside plaques for other notable resident and authors T.S. Eliot and Tennessee Williams.

  • Hey, Beyonce and Jay Z: What Happens in THESE Hotels, Stays in These Hotels

    The interwebs exploded yesterday when TMZ released a security tape from the Standard Hotel, Highline, in New York City that appears to show Solange Knowles viciously attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator while her sister Beyonce stood by and watched. Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange exit the Standard Hotel, post fight.

  • America’s Best Izakaya Restaurants

    “Izakayas started with very humble food to go with the sake,” explains Daisuke Utagawa, co-owner of recently opened Daikaya in Washington, D.C. “Now it’s a full-fledged restaurant, but it still keeps that very down-to-earth, humble, folksy feel that welcomes all classes of people.

  • Pizza Hounds, Rejoice: A Complete List of the Best Pie Joints in the Country

    Del Popolo (Photo: Matthew Millman) MORE FROM FOOD & WINE » Best Burgers in the US  » America’s Best BBQ Cities  » Best Fried Chicken in the US