• Pharrell Williams' Muse and 'Lemon' Music Video Dancer Mette Towley Stars in Revlon's Newest Campaign

    The breakout performer kicks off the beauty brand's new mascara launch with her envious moves.

  • Ashley Graham walked into a party and walked out with a new tattoo (and yes, it's real)

    Ashley Graham arrives at the Revlon Live Boldly launch in New York on Wednesday night. It seemed like your typical night out for Ashley Graham on Wednesday. In between posing for pics with fellow Revlon-er Gal Gadot, she decided to “live boldly,” the theme of the night, by hitting up famed tattoo artist Jon Boy for some new ink — of husband Justin Ervin’s initials.

  • Ashley Graham Lands Revlon Contract

    Ashley Graham — as an ambassador for Revlon's "Live Boldly" campaign — has become one of the only plus-size models to land a beauty contract.

  • Why this Muslim beauty blogger refuses to accept a Revlon award from Gal Gadot

    Muslim beauty blogger Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a.k.a., Muslim Girl, is rejecting a Revlon award because of its brand ambassador Gal Gadot, who she says supports the “oppression of women and girls.”

  • Revlon released a new blow dryer that will forever change the way you dry and style your hair

    Let’s not skirt the issue: sometimes, drying your hair is the pits. Our arms are not made of steel, and holding up a heavy hair dryer for an extended period of time can feel more like a lopsided workout than a quick beauty chore. Then, there’s the f

  • 12 Iconic American Beauty Products That Make Us Nostalgic

    Among the aisles and shelves of creams, soaps, powders, and lotions, these products are beloved equally for the way they’re packaged, their memorable scent, and how they make us feel.

  • Congress May Make Cosmetics Companies Answer to the FDA

    The Personal Care Products Safety Act would regulate ingredients of all cosmetics. Whereas right now the FDA can only regulate the color additives in cosmetics and prohibit the sale of “adulterated or misbranded” products in interstate commerce, this would give the agency a lot more control over ingredients and manufacturing practices. The Personal Care Products Safety Act would require manufacturers to print all their ingredients on product labels and online, include warnings about ingredients that aren’t safe for children, and provide the FDA with safety recall information.

  • Ciara Is Revlon’s New Ambassador, Reveals ‘My Name Came From One of Their Fragrances’

    2016 has already been an amazing year for Ciara, who got engaged, married and landed a modeling contract with IMG. The role has been a lifelong dream for Ciara, who reveals she’s had a connection to the brand since before her birth. The singer is also used Revlon products for as long as she can remember.

  • Get Her Look: Halle at the MTV Movie Awards

    Halle Berry epitomizes timeless, flawless, ageless beauty, and last night at the MTV Movie Awards, she was in glam mode.

  • 33 Spring Beauty Launches We're Already Obsessed With

    Apart from the very welcome influx of warmer weather, one thing we really love about spring is the barrage of new beauty products waiting to be tested.

  • Cindy Crawford Plans to Retire at Age 50

    Her career has spanned much longer than the average model's, and here's why.

  • 14 Best Cream Blushes for Winter Skin

    Frigid weather may not be enticing for everyone, but there’s no denying the appeal of sweet rosy cheeks. Thankfully, you don’t need to be out in the cold to have a lovely winter flush. These cream blushes make it a cinch to attain a natural-looking glow and are a helpful, moisturizing makeup swap when skin is getting dryer by the day. Related: How to Really Find Your Perfect Blush How to Apply Blush Perfectly Flushed Rosy Winter Cheek

  • 17 Beauty Finds Designed to Enhance Your Selfie

    This weekend at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 show in Milan, models walked down the runway taking selfies with the attendees. “Be part of this unique fashion moment!” the announcement over the runway read. From high fashion to Hollywood, selfies are longer just for tweens and Kardashians.