• Jonathan Simkhai, Reebok Drop Freestyle Hi Collaboration on Farfetch

    The revamped Eighties classic originally debuted at New York Fashion Week in September.

  • Reebok wants to turn gas stations into fitness hubs

    Reebok wants to make sure everyone who has access to a gas station also has access to fitness and healthy food options.

  • Reebok Schooled Trump On Misogyny With This Viral Tweet

    Reebok clapped back at some sexist remarks President made on a recent visit to France. Trump has a habit of commenting on powerful women's appearances. While on a state visit last week, he could not resist commenting on the physical appearance of Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron.

  • Reebok Offering Shoes to People Who Threw Away Their New Balances

    People who threw out their New Balances may have found a new athletic brand to patronize. New Balance has faced quite a backlash after showing support for one of President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. The Wall Street Journal reported that Matthew LeBretton, vice president of public affairs at the brand, said, “The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” The statement appears to have regarded Trump’s stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

  • Are Customers More Likely to Buy Celebrity- or Athlete-Endorsed Clothing?

    Bella Hadid recently landed a major contract with Nike. Which led Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis to call out Puma and Nike for hiring celebrities over athletes. Meanwhile Puma CEO Bjørn Gulden says, “Our marketing, with personalities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne … has increased our brand heat.”

  • Reebok’s Not Even Trying to Compete With Lululemon & Under Armour

    Reebok is not Lululemon or Under Armour. And that’s fine. Reebok has been capitalizing on how it’s different from its competitors by targeting a completely different consumer: the tough, challenge-loving one that does Tough Mudders, mixed martial arts, and CrossFit. The rise of athleisure has practically eclipsed the tenure of denim in the casual-fashion world, with many companies vying to get a piece of the athleisure pie.