• The Most Popular Blush on Pinterest Is Also Great for Dry Winter Skin

    When we're searching for the best beauty looks on social media, Pinterest is one of our favorite destinations. Whether it's the prettiest way to wear metallic makeup or the most flattering nude lip color that works on all skin tones, the more we keep scrolling, the more inspiration we find. You May Also Like: The Weird Place You’re Not Applying Blush but Should BeRight now, the top searches are all about winter beauty, and according to Pinterest data, the most popular blush on ...

  • The Kylie Jenner of slime reveals how she gained more than 6 million followers on YouTube

    At 23, Karina Garcia has built an empire — by making slime. The young mogul started her vlogging career sharing various DIY projects, but then inspiration struck one day when she saw a slime recipe on Pinterest. By mixing in her own ingredients and colors (and making her recipes safe), she’s amassed a huge following on YouTube, with more than 6 million subscribers.

  • 9 DIY Halloween Ideas Everyone on Pinterest Is Trying This Year

    Packing tape ghosts? Absolutely genius. From Good Housekeeping

  • These Are the Most Popular Trends on Pinterest

    Prepare for the summer of embellished slides.

  • The most popular celeb brows on Pinterest are a sight to behold

    While 2016 doled out disappointment after disappointment, at least one point of good news shone brightly: Celebrity brows were on-point this year.

  • How Social Media Can Help You #Win at Holiday Shopping

    This year, smart shoppers are harnessing social media to win at gift giving. This fall, Instagram rolled out its new shop feature, and Pinterest has been offering buyable pins since the summer of 2015, transforming the platforms from places for gift inspiration, research, and idea-sharing to fully-fledged retail spaces. This year, even Snapchat is getting in on the action with shoppable gift guides, while newcomer Parcel allows you to organize your potential purchases based on budget and theme. ...

  • The Most Popular Bridesmaid Dress on Pinterest Is Affordable (and Pretty!)

    Pinterest went through their entire weddings database and found that the most popular bridesmaid dress on the content sharing platform, the gorgeous Camille la Vie gown, with 170,000 plus pins (it’s also one of the first dresses you see when you click their “Bridesmaid Dresses” section). The best part is it won’t break the bank (being a maid is already expensive enough) because it only costs between $160 and $180, depending on the size.

  • This Is the Most-Pinned Lipstick on Pinterest

    If you’re like us, Pinterest has the power to generate some major makeup inspiration.

  • How to Wear Pinterest’s Colors of the Year — Without Looking Super ‘80s

    Yesterday, Pinterest named blush pink and mint green as the colors of the year. We know what you’re thinking — what is this, 1984? Those pastels haven’t been seen together much since the days of big hair and geometric blush, but that doesn’t mean you’ll look stuck in the past if you wear them now.On the contrary, the combination of blush pink and mint green is not only very pretty, it also gives your outfit an instant chilled-out, cool-girl vibe. You know that soothing, concrete-gray color that Céline made into shorthand for “I am an urban sophisticate gallery owner/branding expert, and these baggy pants cost $2,000?” Well, consider pastel pink and green the fresher, younger version of that.Click ahead to see three cool ways to wear the colors of the year — without being mistaken for a Duran Duran fangirl.Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.

  • Fast Fashion: 9 Things You Need to Know Today, 11/3/15 Edition

    Khloe Kardashian, Yahoo Style’s current cover star, has a new book, Strong Looks Better Naked. “Before the show, I always felt really good in my own skin,” she recalls. “But people called me ‘the fat one,’ so I would almost beat them to the punch: In interviews I was like ‘I know I’m the funny fat one.’” She also told Joe Zee that while her sister Kim’s been pressuring her to freeze her eggs, she’s not that old — yet! 

  • This New Pinterest Feature Will Fuel Your Online Shopping Addiction

    You know you want this dress from Prada’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection.  As if online shopping wasn’t already dangerous enough, it’s now proliferating social media, making it impossible to avoid that Prada dress you’ve had bookmarked for months. Pinterest, the inspirational (and aspirational) image sharing site, has taken the next step in blurring the lines between e-commerce and friendly online engagement by introducing The Pinterest Shop, a curated catalog of items that can be directly purchased, turning the Internet mood board from third-party promoter to boutique-like seller.  The new addition is an enhancement of Buyable Pins, which were launched in June.

  • Don’t Call Pinterest a Social Network Says Top Exec

    On the second day of the WWD Retail and Apparel CEO Summit, Pinterest’s Tim Kendall set the record straight about the visual discovery tool: “I think one of the biggest misconceptions about Pinterest is that we are a social network, and we are not a social network,” he said. If you look at social networks, it’s all about what my friends did last night or what I did last weekend.

  • Why the Mason Jar Trend Needs to Die

    Once upon a time, in 1858, a Philadelphia-based tinsmith named John Landis Mason patented a glass-canning jar meant for…canning. Fast-forward about 150 years, and the Mason jar has gone viral beyond his wildest dreams. We admit it was kind of cute at first. But now: Enough already!

  • See What Happens When a Guy Tries to Do Fancy Pinterest Braids

    More than one guide considered “and then you do a French braid” a step. Having me start off with a waterfall braid despite literally never attempting a braid before is like throwing me into the middle of the ocean, tossing me a life preserver, and then shooting me in the face with a harpoon gun.