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  • WATCH: Is it a Lab or a Restaurant? With its Crazy Dishes, Chicago's Moto is Actually Both

    Moto Restaurant in Chicago is not the place to go if you’re looking for the ordinary. The restaurant, which specializes in molecular gastronomy, prepares its food in a lab, not a kitchen, complete with centrifuges and laboratory equipment. Chef Richie Farina says he loves playing around with food and creating things that might not even look like food.

  • WATCH: See the Secret Tunnels in Al Capone’s Favorite Chicago Bar

    The Green Mill, in Chicago’s uptown neighborhood, is more than just a great jazz bar. Back in the 1920’s, the bar was the favorite hangout of none other than legendary gangster Al Capone. Capone’s buddy “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn owned the place, and Capone even had a favorite booth where I got to sit and drink.

  • WATCH: Travel Back in Time With a Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Superdawg

    When I went back to visit my hometown of Chicago, I knew I had to get a Chicago-style hot dog, so I figured I’d make it a Superdawg. When I was a kid, they used to say a Chicago-style dog had been “dragged through the garden.” That means tons of toppings: mustard, relish, onions, pickles and peppers — but no ketchup. Ketchup is kind of against the rules for a Chicago-style dog.

  • WATCH: Weapons-Grade Hot Peppers? Could You Eat the Hottest Wings in the World?

    Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago may have the hottest hot wings in the world. They’re called the Triple X wings, and the restaurant even asks you sign a waiver to try them. I love hot sauce (apparently, I’m not the only one), so I knew I had to give them a try.

  • WATCH: Where to Eat Handmade Pasta Like You've Never Had It Before

    A pasta maker at Bucato rolls out a “snake” from which smaller pieces will be cut and molded into pasta shapes. When I think handmade pasta, I imagine someone in the window of a shop, cranking pasta out on a machine … but at Chef Evan Funke’s Bucato, in Los Angeles, handmade pasta truly means handmade — no machines allowed. The technique is called pasta fatta a mano, and while there are a few wooden contraptions to help craft different shapes, the bulk of the work gets done with a simple wooden board and stick — and of course, two hands.

  • WATCH: Soda Lovers Rejoice — This LA Shop Puts Coke and Pepsi to Shame

    Soda lovers rejoice! We’ve found you a happy place in Los Angeles. Galco’s Old World Grocery in Highland Park has over 750 different types of sodas from all over the globe. With so many choices, it’s easy to get caught up trying new things, but owner John Nese says a lot of his store’s business comes from people who want to rediscover their childhood favorites.

  • WATCH: The Search for the Original French Dip

    There was only one problem: Two different Los Angeles restaurants, Cole’s and Philippe’s, both claim to have invented the French Dip, way back in 1908. In case you’re wondering what a French Dip sandwich is, it’s an LA original, traditionally made with roast beef on a French roll dipped in the beef drippings from the pan (the “au jus”) and served with a spicy mustard. Philippe’s is an old deli-style restaurant in Chinatown, with long tables and wood shavings on the floor.

  • Photo Tripping: We Go Loco for Pollo!

    Episode 5: Mr. Pollo I saved my trip to Mr. Pollo for the last stop of a busy San Francisco day and invited my friend, world famous chef Jonathan Waxman (of Barbuto in New York), to come along. Jonathan grew up in San Francisco and was eager to try a new restaurant with me. I’d heard about this hidden gem from my friend Jennifer Crawford, a stylist who discovered it while working in the neighborhood. Formerly a Colombian fast food restaurant, Mr. ...


    Episode 4: The Bacon Bacon Truck 

  • Photo Tripping: the Most Creative Bar in San Francisco

    Episode Two: Trick Dog, San Francisco What:  Trick Dog Why Go: My pal  Rosie Schaap, author and  drinks columnist for the New York Times Magazine, told me to hit Trick Dog because, “In a city known for great and original bars, Trick Dog has cultivated a reputation for creativity.” Whatever Rosie says in the drinks department, I follow. The Vibe: It’s a mad cool, funky bar that is discreetly tucked away in the Mission District. They make great drinks, but every few months they introduce themed drinks. This month’s: The Zodiac. You can order drinks based on your astrological sign. ...


    PHOTO TRIPPING WITH YAHOO TRAVEL EPISODE 1: Smitten Ice Cream, San Francisco This week I dashed around San Francisco and raced over to  Smitten Ice Cream to meet owner and founder Robyn Sue Fisher.  Smitten’s claim to fame is the famous “Brrr” machine that Robyn invented which is an ultra-cold churning process that makes the freshest custom ice cream in town in only 90 seconds.    WHAT:Smitten Ice Cream   WHY GO: All of the ice cream is made from scratch and to order, using only local and organic ingredients. ...