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  • Ivanka Trump's Book Will Debut at No. 4 of 'New York Times' Best Seller List

    Ivanka Trump’s new book will debut at No. 4 of the New York Times Best Seller list for advice books. Despite canceling her book tour and receiving scathing reviews, Ivanka Trump appears to have a best-seller on her hands. According to CNN, Women Who Work, which was released on May 2, will debut at No. 4 on next week’s New York Times Best Sellers list of advice and how-to books.

  • Men Want Their Parental Leave, Too, Damn It

    While only 21 percent of U.S. companies offer paid maternity leave, an even skimpier 17 percent grant paid paternity leave, according to data from the Society for Human Resource Management. Related: 12 Women on How to Ask for More Money at Work Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines say that companies can offer longer leaves to biological mothers than biological fathers for the purposes of physically recovering from childbirth (a time frame many courts recognize as six weeks). In one case described by the Times, Josh Levs, a former CNN correspondent, sued the company when they refused to grant him more leave after his daughter was born prematurely. The company policy was to give ten weeks for biological mothers but only two for biological fathers.