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  • Mom 'disgusted' by dress code requiring teen girls to wear dresses or skirts 'at all times'

    Utah Girls State, a leadership program for teenage girls, has a controversial dress code. A girls’ leadership program that promotes female empowerment is getting slammed for a “sexist and antiquated” dress code. Utah Girls State is an exclusive, yearly summer workshop series for teen girls who have completed their junior year of high school.

  • 9-year-old 'heartbroken' she's not allowed to wear pantsuit to her Communion

    A mom's post about her daughter being shunned by their church because the 9-year-old wanted to wear a pantsuit instead of a dress to communion has gone viral.

  • Young Woman's Powerful Post About What It's Really Like to Work in Congress Goes Viral

    The call for women to get involved in politics has grown increasingly loud since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency. And one young woman who has heeded that call, Louie Tan Vital, has shared a powerful, painfully honest Facebook post about what it’s been like to work in Washington D.C. these days.

  • Why Did This Mom Shave Her Head? As a Lesson for Her Toddler Son

    A mom made a statement to her son with a change in her hairstyle. Her move got a lot of reactions on Facebook.

  • Open Letter to Betsy DeVos, From Woman With Cerebral Palsy, Goes Viral

    Allison Cardwell’s open letter to Betsy DeVos has received more than 27,000 reactions on Facebook, where it’s been posted in the Pantsuit Nation group. Allison Cardwell, 24, had never given much thought to her Facebook posts, sticking mainly to photos, random status updates or what she calls the “stupid things people say.” But this recent election — the first she felt old enough to truly invest herself in — made her start paying attention. DeVos, the newly confirmed secretary of education, has been under fire from disability rights advocates for seeming to lack of knowledge about and empathy for special-needs students.

  • Same-Sex Couples Rush to Wed Before Trump Is Sworn In, Just In Case

    Fearful of what a Trump administration might do to marriage equality, many LGBT couples opted to tie the knot just as 2016 came to a close and President Obama was still in the White House, according to a slew of posts on the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation.

  • Pantsuit Nation Will Now Be a Book — and Some Members Are Not Happy About It

    Pantsuit Nation, a secret Facebook group that was started in October for supporters of Hillary Clinton to share stories and messages of support with one another, is becoming a book. The group’s founder, 33-year-old Libby Chamberlain, announced on Monday that she is publishing a book based on the Facebook page with Flatiron Books on May 9. In a lengthy post on Pantsuit Nation’s public page, Chamberlain explained that the book will be filled with the stories and images women have posted in the private group about encounters with issues like racism, sexism, and adversity in their lives.

  • Mom’s Playground Post About Not ‘Normalizing Assault’ Hits a Nerve

    One mom’s Facebook post about why “he shoved you because he liked you” is not an OK explanation for playground pushing has gone viral. “This is the face of a little girl that is being raised to take no s***,” posted the mother, Lydia Faith of Gainesville, Fla., atop a photo of her daughter in the closed Facebook group Pantsuit Nation. “She was on the playground today and a little boy shoved her.