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  • Magic man Neil Patrick Harris explains why he only performs tricks for his kids 'here and there'

    “I found that performing magic to younger kids is a bit of an opiate. That if you make something vanish, then they just keep grabbing other things and putting them in front of you and telling you to make them vanish,” Harris said.

  • Social Snaps (Week of Oct. 8, 2017)

    See what the stars — including Brittany and Jason Aldean, Jennifer Garner, Chance the Rapper, Jenna Dewan, and more — are sharing on social media this week.

  • Surprise! Neil Patrick Harris Got His Very First Tattoo

    Neil Patrick Harris has experienced the ultimate teenage dream: The 43-year-old got his first tattoo. On Monday, the Series of Unfortunate Events star debuted his new ankle ink on Instagram, writing, "We got picked up for Season 2."

  • Britney Spears Punks Potential Bodyguards with Neil Patrick Harris & Joe Jonas, LOLs Abound

    In the above clip from Tuesday night’s episode, three burly-bodied men, who are really just trying to earn an honest living in today’s unpredictable economy, are duped by Spears and her behind-the-scenes henchmen—Harris and Harris’s “second-favorite Jonas,” Joe.

  • Academy Awards Superlatives: From Most Naked to Hottest Couple

    Hollywood is just like High School. There's the popular crew, those nominated for Oscars, the band geeks (the actual band), and jocks (the cast of the Foxcatcher). So just like when a school year comes to a close and a yearbook is released, Yahoo Style is summing up awards season with our superlatives. From most likely to be mistaken for an Oscars statue to most naked, we're giving out our own prizes.