• Test-Driving The Best Beard Trimmers

    As the Senior Writer at Yahoo Beauty, testing out products comes with the territory. But when we decided to find out which beard trimmers stood up to the test, we had to bring in a new guinea pig—my husband Brooks. Thankfully he was totally game, buying a special notepad for the project, and obsessively studying, testing, and writing about the pros and cons of five top trimmers.  A new beauty editor is born? Quite possibly. He’s already angling for his next assignment. In the meantime, here’s the scoop on the coolest beard trimmers on the market. Related:Movember Roundup: Top 10 Shaving CreamsThe 25 Best #BeardsOfInstagramMustaches and Man Buns: 100 Years of Men’s Grooming [Video]

  • An A to Z Guide to Movember

    The Movember initiative helps to raise awareness for men’s health issues. (Photo: Travis Rathbone/Trunk Archive) “Look at my face. Notice anything different? No, these are not new glasses.

  • 6 Tips to Help Your Facial Hair Grow

    Whether you are in it to raise awareness for prostate cancer or just like the opportunity to grow a really impressive mustache, it’s a great time to experiment with facial hair — but it’s not always easy. Growing facial hair can be a challenge. Diet also has an impact on hair growth, so consider upping your intake of protein, vitamin A, B, C, and E to help speed up hair growth. Once a week exfoliation is a good habit to get into regardless of whether you are trying to grow your facial hair, but it certainly helps if you are looking to grow a nice beard.