• Dad runs half marathon in place of 29-year-old daughter who died by suicide: 'I'm carrying Sophie with me'

    Andy Airey's late daughter signed up for the run. He took her place after her death.

  • 'Way to steal her thunder': Man's proposal to girlfriend mid-marathon has social media up in arms

    After a man proposed to his girlfriend while she was in the middle of running the New York City Marathon, many on social media were unhappy that he didn't let her finish the race before popping the question.

  • Mom called 'true inspiration' after breastfeeding her baby son during 43-hour, 106-mile ultramarathon

    British ultrarunner Sophie Power was photographed nursing her son midmarathon — after hand-expressing throughout the race.

  • Mom loses necklace with daughter's ashes during Disney Princess Half Marathon

    Sadly, the necklace containing the ashes was lost at Disney, and the mom has put out a plea on Facebook to enlist help to find it.

  • High schooler's heroic act helps marathon runner cross the finish line

    A high school student breaks off from her own relay race to help a fellow runner win her first marathon in Dallas.

  • 7 Surprising Celebs Running the New York City Marathon This Weekend

    Karlie Kloss, Candice Huffine, and more stars taking on the 2017 New York City Marathon.

  • Half Marathon Tragedy: What Happened to the Vibrant Young Mom Who Died After Race?

    Lindsay Doherty was cheered on by her family before she suddenly collapsed after crossing the finish line.

  • This Video Shows What Happens to Your Body During a Marathon

    It also explains the science behind carbo-loading, bonking, and that elusive runner's high.

  • Egypt’s First Plus-Size Marathon Signals a Much-Needed Change

    Dozens of women in Cairo participated recently in the country’s first plus-size marathon, proving that larger ladies can be in excellent physical shape and worthy of their society’s respect.

  • British Astronaut Tim Peake Plans to Run the London Marathon — in Space

    Tim Peake will attempt the feat by running on a treadmill. A British astronaut will attempt to run a digital version of the London Marathon in space, as part of his 173-day mission to the International Space Station. Tim Peake will run on a treadmill as he orbits Earth, at the same time as more than 37,000 people run in the race on the ground in London.

  • Unspoken Gym Rules According to Pro Athletes

    Everybody’s been a newbie at the gym at some point, so if you made it past that awkward stage and wished you could give the new batch of newbies some friendly instruction, we’re with you. We’re breaking the silence on gym etiquette once and for all. We spoke to seven pros that spend all day in the gym — here’s what they deem the biggest no-nos.

  • With Terminal Illness, Woman Runs Last Marathon

    She was wearing a blue singlet, still on her feet after finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in late October, when she made the request. She was holding a finisher’s medal from another race with a note etched in permanent marker on the ribbon.

  • Why I Run: 20 Marathoners Get Real

    The humor columnist Dave Barry once wrote, “There is a very fine line between ‘hobby’ and ‘mental illness.’” That’s especially true when you consider marathon runners, who train for six months to run 26.2 agonizing, exhilarating miles — toenails be damned.  And yet, the sport is as popular as ever. The number of U.S. marathon finishers has more than doubled since 1990, according to data from Running USA.

  • Dead Bodies, Bears, and Squirrel Punting: 20 Mind-Blowing Running Stories

    If you spend enough time running, something crazy is bound to happen — most likely something involving private bodily functions gone wrong. And if you’re a marathon runner, you probably have quite a few of these can’t-believe-that-happened moments. As 50,000 participants gear up for the New York City Marathon on Sunday (Nov. 1), we asked experienced marathoners to share their most memorable running moments. Prepare to laugh, gasp, and become very, very grateful for public restroom facilities.

  • Running the Marathon? Here’s How to Save Your Feet

    With the world’s largest marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon, happening on Yahoo Beauty’s front steps this Sunday, we’ve consulted the foot care experts — a podologist (a medical pedicure expert) a physical therapist, a personal trainer, a podiatrist, and a nail salon owner. Before the Marathon Get proper footwear “That doesn’t mean expensive footwear,” Portland-based physical therapist Alice Holland, who has run two marathons and regularly works with runners, tells Yahoo Beauty. “Draw an outline of your foot, and make sure that outline can fit into the shoe fit that you’re buying.” Like wearing pointy-toed stilettos, wearing too-tight running shoes can cause an unattractive deformity called “hallux rigidus,” in which the big toe starts pointing inwards. Get the right socks Santa Monica-based podiatrist Robert Khorramian, DPM, tells Yahoo Beauty that your sock choice matters.

  • A Couple Tied the Knot in the Middle of the Chicago Marathon

    Photo: Courtesy Bank of America 2015 Chicago Marathon A couple started the 2015 Chicago Marathon on Sunday as engaged to be married, and crossed the finish line as husband and wife. Stephanie Reinhart, 35, and Mark Jockel, 46 said “I do” near the 8-mile mark under a white arch decorated with medals from races the pair had run. Reihnart wore a white tennis dress while Jockel paired black shorts with a tuxedo T-shirt.

  • What 12 Experienced Marathoners Wish They Knew During Their First Race

    Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes. And for marathoners, it’s more like 20/26.2. Once you’ve logged a few of the 26.2-mile races, you can’t believe that you didn’t know about BodyGlide, or that you ran the whole race without eating anything. With that in mind, we asked experienced marathoners: What do you know now that you wish you knew back when you ran your first marathon?

  • 16 Signs That'll Make Marathoners Pee Themselves — From Laughing

    What’s way better than running a marathon? Cheering on your friends who are taking on the grueling 26.2-mile race. What’s even better than cheering? Cheering with a funny sign.