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  • Dressing Like Your Favorite TV Character Has Never Been Easier Thanks to HSN

    By Sam Reed  Let’s be honest: Seeing the cool costumes on TV shows — from Mad Men’s ‘60s chic looks to the ensembles worn by stylish socialites on Revenge — is half the reason we even turn on the tube. (The other half being to see hot actors, because duh.) Now, the cool costume designers who help bring our favorite characters to life are trying their hands at designing for a new collection called “From the Set” for HSN. Janie Bryant, who won an Emmy for her work on Deadwood but is perhaps best known for her work on Mad Men, Jill Ohanneson of Revenge, Daniel Lawson of The Good Wife and Lori Eskowitz-Carter of Hot in Cleveland have each designed a line for the network.

  • Here’s How To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Mid-Century Modernist Pad

    Mid-Century modern, a style born in the post World War II boom that gave rise to mass-produced suburban homes, continues to be in high demand. And with good reason. The unfussy lines and functional materials that characterize iconic Mid-Century pieces are timeless and versatile. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day

  • From ‘The Cosby Show’ to ‘Mad Men’, a Look Back at the Interior Design of Famous TV Sets

    The Huxtables’ Brooklyn brownstone in The Cosby Show. Monica Geller’s impossibly huge Greenwich Village apartment on Friends. And Don Draper’s move from fifties suburbia to sixties midcentury-chic Manhattan on Mad Men. Let’s face it: we may know the interiors of some TV shows better than we know certain rooms in our own homes!

  • Tons of ‘Mad Men’ Memorabilia Is Going Up for Auction

    Mad Men fans, prepare to have a cow. The show may be over, but now, you can own a piece of it FOREVER. Starting Friday, July 31 at noon PDT, nearly 1,400 items from the AMC series—everything from 1960s clothing to accessories, gadgets and literal garbage—will be going up for auction on ScreenBid.  Many of the pieces, including a painting from Pete’s living room, Betty’s hairbrushes, and Joan’s leather heels, have a starting bid of just $50.

  • Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant on the End of an Era

    What could I possibly ask Janie Bryant that she hasn’t been asked before? The Emmy-winning costume designer, whose work on Mad Men is arguably as significant to the show as the characters she dressed, has been the subject of numerous profiles and features over the past eight years. The media’s obsession with Bryant—and the way she used that obsession to help established herself as a name brand—has been nothing but good for the world of costume designing.