• Why Are People So Weirded Out by Paul and Stella McCartney Embracing?

    Some people are freaking out over Paul McCartney being affectionate with his grown daughter Stella McCartney. When it comes to parents showing their children affection, some apparently feel there should be an age limit for the PDA. Most recently, some people had a problem with 74-year-old singer Paul McCartney embracing his 45-year-old designer daughter, Stella McCartney.

  • How You Kiss, According To Your Zodiac Sign

    By Christine Schoenwald There are so many different kinds of kissing — The Peck, The Eskimo, The Butterfly — and they all mean something different. If the guy you’re crushing on kisses you on your forehead, he thinks of you as more of a friend than anything romantic. But it isn’t just the action of kissing, or the type of kiss; it’s the duration. If someone gives you quick kiss on the cheek, it can be them saying, “Hello,” but if their lips linger there a moment, it can mean they’re flirting with you.