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  • James Charles apologizes for his racist remarks

    The CoverGirl's beauty ambassador’s Twitter apology has received over 27,000 likes and more than 3,600 shares, but many people are not really having it.

  • Beauty vlogger tries to fool the iPhone X's Face ID with drag makeup

    Another iPhone, another newfangled feature to play around with. And, people are already having heaps of fun trying to trick the iPhone X's face ID feature, which unlocks your phone using your face.  SEE ALSO: Here's how the iPhone X Face ID handles contouring Makeup artist James Charles got his hands on the new iPhone X and decided to see how much makeup it took to affect the facial recognition tool.  First, Charles tried out an intense contouring look. The result? The iPhone unlocked.  He stepped things up a little with some highly fleeky brows. Again, the iPhone unlocked. It was time to really, really crank things up. He applied his drag lashes. At first, the phone seemed like it wouldn't unlock, but, yet again, the phone unlocked.  Frustrated, Charles tried out a full drag makeup look, including a wig and overlined lips. To his surprise—and ours!—the phone still wasn't fooled.  Charles tried one last thing: his most recent Instagram photo. He'd used the Facetune app to doctor the image before posting it. For the first time in Charles' experiment, the iPhone X didn't unlock.  Guess we're all gonna have to try a lot harder if we want to fool the iPhone X. 

  • Popular makeup artist faces social media firing squad after Pennywise demo

    Makeup artist James Charles’ Pennywise makeup tutorial didn’t go over so well. A makeup artist who gave the film It a thumbs-down, is telling fans to “get over it” after catching major heat for his Pennywise makeup tutorial. James Charles, 18, is a New York-based makeup artist who broke ground by becoming CoverGirl’s first ‘CoverBoy’ in November after his senior class photo, which he posted on Instagram, went viral.

  • The beauty industry is being called out for excluding black men

    There is still a long way to go for the beauty industry to be where it needs to be in terms of inclusion — and one subset of the population that's been entirely left out of the beauty conversation is black men.

  • Stained-glass makeup is the mesmerizing beauty trend you need to see

    In the midst of many bizarre beauty looks such as squiggly eyebrows and wavy lips comes along a new mesmerizing style: stained-glass makeup.

  • Is James Charles taking a break from YouTube?

    CoverGirl James Charles says he is taking a break.

  • Makeup-Obsessed Vlogger Isn’t Allowing Homophobic Comments to Get the Best of Him

    “When I wear makeup, I feel like Superman, and I'm kind of invincible to what anyone says,” 18-year-old vlogger Antonio Bermudez tells Yahoo Beauty.

  • 10 Bold Makeup Looks to Celebrate Pride Month

    The month of June has long been dedicated to the celebration of the LGBTQ community, marked by parties, parades, and other festivities. But this year, in particular, brings an air of remembrance with the anniversary of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub.Now a year removed from the tragedy where so many lives were lost, the LGBTQ community is still bringing increasingly more attention to their call for harmony and love among all people. No matter how big or small a person’s contribution may be, there are various ways to show your pride.Beauty influencers have used their platforms to highlight the many ways they’re celebrating pride, with bright-colored cosmetics for artistic expressions of support. From photos on Instagram paired with inspirational words to videos on YouTube that reveal the passion behind their craft, here are 10 colorful makeup looks in honor of Pride Month.Read more from Yahoo Style + Beauty:• Gay Pride Activist, 10, Is ‘Our Future,’ Say LGBT Fans• The Colorful Way This Woman Celebrated Pride Month Is Hiding Underneath Her Arms• Transgender Hero Janet Mock: ‘Glam Is a Gateway to Survival’Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyle and @YahooBeauty.Payton Johnsone slays his Pride Month makeup with a pastel beard and bold eyebrows. (Photo: paytonjohnsone/Instagram) English Instagrammer Nickayla’s pride surges to life. Her caption reads, “My heart is also with Orlando today. Remembering the 49 lost too soon.” (Photo: nickaylahiler/Instagram) Orlando native Jonathan Villafane creates an homage to the “strongest city I know” with this splattered look. “Take a moment today to spread love and kindness to not just your #lgbt friends, but to everyone!” he writes. (Photo: jonathan_villafane/Instagram) Makeup artist Diamond Ritter rocks a colorful glow to “support the beautiful people of the LGBTQ community.” (Photo: americas.next.top.baddie/Instagram) Hailey Cassine doesn’t mind the heat, as long as she sweats with pride. “Pride is not about hate and dividing people,” she captioned the photo. “It’s about love and togetherness…Be proud of who you are.” (Photo: hailey.cassine/Instagram) Swedish YouTuber Hanna Pramholt created rainbow eye makeup with glitter tears to celebrate. “Why be ordinary when you can be extra? Happy pride month!” (Photo: Hanna Pramholt/YouTube) Wesley Benjamin Carter went for a glitter clawed look for LA Pride. “This is just a little artistic if you want to standout at Pride,” he tells his audience. “Just show your support or be super festive.” (Photo: Wesley Benjamin Carter/YouTube) CoverGirl’s James Charles cuts his crease for his first ever Pride event. “I’m so proud to say I am a member of the LGBTQ community and it makes me so happy to be able to express myself & inspire others by being myself,” he captioned his Instagram. (Photo: James Charles/YouTube) Sebastian Caudillo isn’t shying away from supporting his own community. “I will NEVER change who I am, just because you don’t approve!” (Photo: sebastian_caudillo/Instagram)

  • James Charles’s Yearbook Photo Puts Your Highlighting Skills to Shame

    CoverGirl's CoverBoy James Charles's final yearbook photo is here. Let's just say, it probably exceeds his highlight goal expectations.

  • James Charles's Fidget Spinner Contour Makeup Hack

    Fidget spinner mania reaches a new height.

  • James Charles Gave Maddie Ziegler An Adorable Makeover

    If you’re ever looking for a 14-year-old who will make you feel like a major underachiever, just check out the work of dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler. Oh and her recently-released memoir became an instant New York Times bestseller, but NBD. The effortlessly stylish Ziegler didn’t need a makeover, but why not give it a try for kicks?

  • CoverGirl’s James Charles On Racist Ebola Comment: ‘There Are No Excuses’

    CoverGirl’s first male spokesmodel broke barriers — then unfortunately built some of his own, and now he’s trying to make amends. Seventeen-year-old James Charles came under fire when he tweeted a “joke” about catching Ebola before a school trip to South Africa.

  • CoverGirl Model Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Ebola Joke

    When CoverGirl announced its first male spokesmodel in James Charles, he was hailed as an inspiring figurehead for the diversity-in-beauty movement. Having sent out the tweet on Thursday morning, four hours later Charles had deleted it after it was met with backlash.

  • The 2-Minute Guide to Fresh, Glowing Skin

    CoverGirl's James Charles shows us how to pull off the faux-freckle look.

  • Christian Mom Can’t Handle Seeing CoverGirl’s James Charles on TV

    James Charles is CoverGirl’s first cover boy — and that is freaking out one mom. While much of the world has been delighting over the debut of CoverGirl’s first-ever cover boy, 17-year-old James Charles, one Christian blogger mom has called out the makeup-wearing teen — and the So Lashy! mascara commercial he stars in — for creating “turmoil” in her home. “Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?” is what Nicole Dean’s 6-year-old son asked when he caught a glimpse of Charles on TV recently.

  • CoverGirl Introduces Its First-Ever Cover Boy

    Male makeup gurus are having a moment, and James Charles, a 17-year-old YouTube sensation, is adding another, as CoverGirl's first cover boy.