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  • Town celebrates 8-year-old cancer patient's last radiation treatment with huge ice cream party

    While Max still has a year of chemotherapy to go, this ice cream party was a fantastic way to celebrate all his progress.

  • Mixed-race family asks Blue Bell to change name of The Great Divide ice cream

    A group of diverse and adorable kids from Louisiana noticed an outdated and dividing detail in the name of an ice cream flavor, and are calling for its amendment.

  • People are freaking out about this 100-calorie vodka popsicle — but what's actually in it?

    Slim Chillers isn't just a cool name for a band, it’s about to become the must-have item on your summer party list.

  • Cardi B on Her Kicking Baby and Pearl-Covered Dress

    Cardi B talks with Liza Koshy about the kicking baby in her belly and her thirty-pound pearl-covered Moschino dress by Jeremy Scott.

  • Ice cream shop named Sweet Jesus slammed by critics for 'trashing Christianity'

    A beloved Canadian ice cream parlor is facing accusations of being “blasphemous” for its religious imagery and its name: Sweet Jesus.

  • Ben & Jerry's Is Taking On Halo Top With New Line of Healthyish Pints

    Low-calorie Ben and Jerry's = a dream come true.

  • Ice cream on your face? This makeup artist creates a masterpiece out of a mess

    Brook Aienpajouh, who goes by @makeupbybrooktiffany on Instagram, has the perfect Halloween inspiration with her "melted ice cream makeup."

  • Scientists Invented Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt & We Don't Know How To Feel

    Japanese scientists have done the impossible by figuring out how to make summers less messy. Scientists at Japan's Biotherapy Development Research Center in Kanazawa City discovered how to make ice cream that does not melt, and if you can believe it, the discovery happened by accident. The revelation occurred while the Japanese scientists were experimenting with polyphenol, a liquid extracted from strawberries.

  • Why the Halo Top Diet Is ‘Dangerous’

    More protein, less fat, fewer calories, and it still tastes like ice cream? What’s not to like? But Halo Top may not be as good for you as it sounds.

  • Ben & Jerry's Is Getting Into Beauty & We Are 100% On Board

    Enter: Ben & Jerry's lip balm. The flavors include Mint Chocolate Cookie, Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. According to PopSugar, however, not every balm tastes like its corresponding flavor (the Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet was the most accurate out of the four), but that's okay.

  • Hillary Clinton Is Not Here for Dessert Shamers

    If you’ve ever wondered how much you have in common with Hillary Clinton — an ultra-wealthy, lifelong politician with an affinity for pantsuits and scrunchies — I’d recommend watching this clip.

  • Ben & Jerry’s Launches Non-Dairy Line With 4 Vegan Flavors

    I scream, you scream, and, in this day and age of specialized diets, we all scream for non-dairy ice cream! And Ben & Jerry’s finally has something to scream about.

  • How to Make Your Own Insane Milkshake at Home

    Over the summer, all eyes were on Australia, where monster mugs of the stuff were snapped with towering toppings, such as doughnuts and waffles. Now, despite winter’s chill, New York City restaurant Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer’s “crazy shakes” — piled high with over-the-top accoutrements ranging from birthday cake to lollipops, and dripping with fudge and edible pearls — bring not just boys but girls, grandmas, and food bloggers to line the sidewalks outside and wait for a slurp of the extreme.

  • How to Make Magic Chocolate Shell With 2 Ingredients

    Get in touch with your inner sorcerer by making this wicked cool magic chocolate shell. The secret ingredient is coconut oil, and you can use any kind of chocolate you want.

  • The Revolutionary Roots of Cuba’s Fabled Ice Cream Parlor

    Fidel Castro enjoying a cone of ice cream. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • 25 Next-Level Recipes That Shame Boxed Brownie Mix

    By Spoon University It’s the year 2015 and we can upgrade just about everything. From amped-up popcorn to anything but ordinary milkshakes, it seems like we can take anything to the next level, and it turns out brownies are no exception. Brownies are timeless, always in season, and never go out of style, so these recipes are applicable anytime, anywhere. Make some for your little brother, your great aunt, and your Grandma Judy.

  • The Best Ice Cream in America, By The Numbers

    Preeminent data analyst Hilary Mason used science to determine the best ice cream flavor and where it’s sold in this video for Bon Appetit. Mason looked at menus at ice cream shops to find the most popular flavors and reviews of such flavors. “It’s not enough to just get the ice cream, you also have to figure out what composition of toppings goes together nicely,” Mason says.

  • The Ice Cream Sandwich That You'll Want Even When It's Cold

    Spiced maple-roasted pear ice cream + ginger cookie sandwiches. (Photo: Betty Liu/Food52)

  • 19 Creative Ways to Cook with Coffee

    By Spoon University Sometimes more than 2 cups of coffee a day can feel like a bit much, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still need your caffeine fix. So what if there were even yummier ways to get that quick spike of energy (and inevitable crash) in a way that doesn’t come from a coffee maker? Well, we teamed up with our friends at StumbleUpon and there are plenty if you click through the gallery above. We know, we just made your day so much better.

  • No-Churn Matcha Ice Cream from ‘Simply Nigella’

    Every week, Yahoo Food spotlights a cookbook that stands out from all the rest. This week’s cookbook is Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food by Nigella Lawson (Flatiron Books). Photo: Keiko Oikawa  By Nigella Lawson No-Churn Matcha Ice Cream Makes approximately 1 quart  I love matcha ice cream, and this version gives me particular pleasure. Yes, it’s ridiculously easy to make, which is gratifying, but more glorious – and important – is the perfect balance between the sophisticated bitterness of the matcha powder and the uncompromisingly childish sweetness of the condensed milk.