Jersey Shore's Snooki Talks Self-Tanner

by Jessica Prince

Looks like even the most loyal tanning-bed goers are learning that the sun is bad. It's about time! This week Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) shot a video for Sunlove, a sunless tanner at Belmont Lounge in New York City. We stopped by for some one-on-one time to find out about her tanning habits-and poof-creating products.

When did you start using self-tanner?
"I just heard about Sunlove not too long ago and then I tried it out. It doesn't leave your face greasy, and there's no bad smell to it like other spray tans. I never used spray tanners until this one because I usually just went tanning. But you know after the taxing, you don't want to deal with that, and friggin' cancer-so this is a great product to replace all the bad stuff of tanning."

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So do you think you'll use self-tanner going forward rather than hitting the tanning beds?
"Oh yeah, definitely, definitely."

What's your favorite hair product?
"I love dry shampoo because it doesn't leave your hair sticky and pretty much holds it better. I just spent like $80 on dry shampoo. I don't even need to tease my hair or do anything, because if you feel my hair it's very thick. So when I get out of the shower, I just let it dry and put it up in a poof--it takes two seconds. And I do not use a Bumpit. When I first saw the commercial a year ago I ordered it right away. I was so excited to get it in the mail, I put it in my hair, then I started walking down the hallway and it fell out--it didn't stay in my hair!"

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Who took longer to get ready at night on Jersey Shore, the guys or the girls?
"I think it took the same amount of time, it really did-we'd start getting ready at 8 and we wouldn't leave till like 10:30, 11. The boys would be gelling their hair, and Mike would take, like, an hour-long shower. Sometimes they [the guys] would ask us for bronzer."

Will the poof be back for summer 2010?
"Honestly I don't care if my poof is in style or not-it's me. I don't care if people like it, they don't like it-that's my style. Obviously girls are loving it because everywhere I go, I see a poof. I'm gonna rock my Kim K. hair-I did it this morning. I like it curled, I just started doing it."

Photo Credit: Jessica Prince

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