The Thread hosts a screening with Drew Barrymore!

This week The Thread invited viewers and friends to meet Drew Barrymore and watch her latest film, “Big Miracle,” an incredible true story about a 1988 mission to save a family of gray whales in Point Barrow, Alaska which opens February 3rd. Drew plays Rachel, a feisty Greenpeace activist (she interrupts meetings with a bullhorn, just to give you an idea), alongside “The Office’s” John Krasinski, who plays a local TV reporter, and Ted Danson as an oil company suit. The gorgeous Golden Globe winner and CoverGirl came by the screening to answer Threaders’ questions and give out some door prizes. See what she had to say about filming in Alaska (fun fact: Footie pajamas are the best way to stay warm), the awesomeness of late ‘80s fashion, and the most important thing she keeps in her makeup bag. Enjoy!

Meeting Drew Barrymore was a particular thrill for me since she is one of my favorite actresses— who else could make movies like “Never Been Kissed,” “Charlie’s Angels," and “Grey Gardens” with equal amounts of heart? And when you meet her you feel like you know her because she exudes that same warmth in person that she brings to all her roles.

When Drew picks a project she throws herself into researching the role with intensity and "Big Miracle" was no exception. Not only did she met Greenpeace activist Cindy Lowry, the real woman that her “Big Miracle” character Rachel is based on, Drew invited Lowry to California and even wore some of Lowry’s clothes in the film. She took the authenticity to another level by even doing her own “stunts.”

When you see Drew diving into the icy waters to check on the whales in one scene, that really was Drew suited up in scuba gear, diving into the icy Alaskan seas, which she admits felt as you'd imagine, “like knives!

As for her character’s eclectic fashion sense, it’s not that close to Drew’s real style. (When we met she was wearing an adorable striped long-sleeved tee and looked amazing.) But she says she appreciates the brashness of the late ‘80s pattern-on-pattern fearlessness. Agree!

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