The Most Expensive Handbags You Can Buy This Fall

·The Thread Stylist

Here's the thing. While I certainly believe in and thrive on the $100-or-less school of fashion, I get that  there are artists and artisans in the industry churning out uniquely beautiful treasures that just cannot be mass-market produced. I DO believe that fashion is an art, and a means of self-expression, and that it's YOUR choice how you spend YOUR money, and that the image you project on this world is yours and therefore shouldn't be stifled by anyone who isn't YOU. However, and that being said, in a world where there is just too much misfortune to turn away from, what's the message you're sending when you carry a handbag that costs approximately the same as someone's unattainable college tuition? Anyway. If you've got money to burn, and a cast-iron outer shell that's immune to judgment, the following handbags are yours for the picking!