Style mistakes you don't know you're making

Every once in a while we have to take a hard look at our fashion choices. Are we really wearing the right pieces for our body type? Do the current trends--although deemed fashionable by reputable sources-- really work for us? Now that we’re happily turning our attention over to spring looks, let’s all make an honest assessment of the style mistakes we might be making without realizing it. Since recognition is the first step, in this episode we highlight the most common sartorial transgressions. See if they apply to you and let us know. 

You know how you get in a routine--you eat lunch at the same place, take the same route to work. Sometimes the same thing happens with our fashion. We get used grabbing certain items out of our closet, but suddenly the slouchy sweater is really more frumpy than slouchy. The miniskirt is more mini than it should be. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

Mixing too many trends

Staying current is a great idea, but make sure you’re not sampling every trend-of-the-moment simultaneously. Neon top + floral skirt + statement jewelry = overload. Stick with one or maybe two complementary trends at one time that are appropriate for your age and figure. 

Wearing clothes that are too baggy

We all have days when we want to hide under a tent, but opting for baggy clothes can often make a person look bigger than they really are. Instead of hiding, select options that play up your positive assets (everyone has them!) and play down your less desirable areas. For example, if you’re self-conscious about your middle, skinny jeans that show off your legs and a flowy top will do the trick.

Wearing clothes that are too small

Sometimes you can technically still zip the zipper, but if your pants are bursting or your hemline is alarmingly high, you’re not doing yourself any favors. The same goes for a super tight, super short dress that you can squeeze into.  Be realistic about your measurements--even if they are only temporary--and choose pieces that give you some room to breathe.

Using too much or too little detergent

We put so much effort into selecting our clothes, why throw it all away by not taking good care of them? One common issue is not using the right amount of detergent in the wash. An easy solution is to use new Tide Pods—which contain the right amount of detergent, stain remover and brighter in one. Throw one in and you’re done.

Ruining a great look with the wrong coat

I’m afraid I’m guilty of this one too often. If you’re wearing an elegant gown or cocktail dress, a hooded military jacket is not the appropriate accompaniment. It’s like a great cake with the wrong frosting. A waste! Invest in a satin-blend trench or slim silk blazer.

Wearing nude stockings

Kate Middleton is the only person who can get away with this—and that’s because she is a duchess who will someday be a queen. It’s hard to know what to wear when it’s too cold to go without anything on our legs but it’s too warm for tights. Still, skin-colored pantyhose are never a good option. Stick with light colored patterned or textured tights until summer arrives. Or make it a pants day.

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